Mario Kart Birthday Cakes And Party Ideas

A Mario Kart theme is the perfect choice for kids who love the video game. So if that Mario Kart fan in your household has an upcoming birthday you just might want to consider having him or her a Mario Kart birthday party. Because this game is so popular with boys as well as with girls you will find it to be a suitable birthday theme for both.

Mario Kart is a fast and fun series of racing go-kart style games from Nintendo featuring characters from The Super Mario world like Mario, Luigi , Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, Baby Mario and others. During the game players who are driving go-karts race on a variety of different race tracks. Players are able to get different power-ups by driving over different items. These power-ups can then be used against other players or to add a burst of speed to your own go-kart.

mario kart birthday cakes and party ideas
mario kart birthday cakes and party ideas

Mario Kart Cake Toppers

You can find a nice selection of Mario Kart cake toppers available on online. These cake toppers which are very affordably priced usually retail for around $12 and under. Making your own birthday cake not only gives you more of a choice when it comes to designs, but you will also find that it's quite a bit less expensive than ordering a bakery cake.

Mario Kart Party Supplies

If you're looking for Mario Kart party supplies you can find most everything needed right here on this page from the plates, cups and napkins to the balloons and party favors.

Depending on your budget you might want to pick up one of the party packs which already contains most everything needed even the invitations for an awesome Mario Kart Party for around $40 for a party of 16. Otherwise the standard party pack for a party of 8 retails for around $25.

In the past I've both purchased items separately and the party packs and can tell you that if you're purchasing a lot of items for your party the party packs can be a good way to go saving you time and money.
But for someone on a strict budget purchasing items separately allows you more control on the price, so it really just depends on your situation at the moment.

happy faces cookies
happy faces cookies

Food Ideas For A Mario Kart Party

For a kids birthday party I usually like to go with a kid friendly menu and since Mario is Italian what could be more kid friendly than pizza or spaghetti?

I would probably also include some chicken nuggets for the more picky eater. Otherwise pizza, cheese and peperoni along with some mozzarella sticks are always a good choice. A few snacks like fresh fruit and rice krispy treats and maybe some Happy Faces cookies are all good additions to your Mario Kart party.


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