Memorable Christmas Party Games

As we all know, Christmas is the memorable time of the year packed with holiday parties, gift exchanges, and special moments with family, friends and co-workers. When hosting a Christmas party, you want a variety of fun, memorable party games.

As I have admitted before, I adore Christmas, and I honestly can't get started fast enough. So, following are a few great examples of Christmas party games for your inspiration:

Hide and Seek: Santa's Reindeer Edition!

This Christmas party game is essentially a scavenger hunt. What do you need? Well, all you need is to buy 8 or 9 reindeer. The extra one being, the optional, Rudolph!

There's a backstory for the game. Santa needs your help to find his reindeer because, the night before Christmas Eve, Santa's Reindeer threw a wild party and now Santa can't seem to find any of them anywhere! Quite a pickle!

The first of your guests to find Santa's Reindeer will win a prize. Just give each person a pencil and piece of paper and turn them loose, on the hunt to find Santa's Reindeer.

The prizes can be whatever you like, small gifts, money, or even the reindeer themselves (if you are on a budget ;-) ). If you are pressed for time, you might want to, to keep people from searching for too long, set a time limit and give the prizes to the guests that found the most reindeer.

Setting up this Christmas party game is simple. All you need to do to is hide the reindeer throughout the rooms, where you are having the party. Make some of the reindeer difficult to find, but be sure to make it easy to find a few of them. For example, one can be hidden inside the tree, one in with the presents and another tucked in amongst the snacks on the table.

A fun wrinkle, that might spice things up a bit, could be to mark one reindeer for an extra-special prize (like a gift basket or gift certificate). Or you could let each winner pick the reindeer they want, with the first to turn in a correct sheet getting first choice.

Holiday Stockings: Christmas Party Style

Who can guess what Christmas related items are hidden in the stocking? See how many hidden holiday items your guests can identify, by passing around a Christmas stocking filled with secret holiday objects.

You will need to get your hands on a very big Christmas stocking. All you need to do then, is to fill it with items and decorations that you would use or see during the Christmas holidays. You might want to use more than one stocking (if you need to speed things up), just be sure to fill each one with the same things.

Ornaments, pine cones, bows, an scotch tape are just a few of the items you might include. You should aim for about 20 to 25 different objects in the stocking(s). You want to be sure no one can peek (even, or maybe especially, at Christmas time, people can be naughty!), so tie the stocking closed with ribbon or rope.

Tell your guests how many objects are inside the Christmas stocking, then pass the stocking (or stockings) around for them to feel, and have each person try to identify and write down each item.

The winner of this Christmas party game is the guest who correctly guesses the most items in the stocking!

Video with More Ideas for Christmas Party Games

The World Famous Christmas Carol Pictionary Relay

In this pictionary styled relay, that I feel really separates itself from other Christmas party games, two people, each representing a team, draw a Christmas Carol, then race trying to get their team to guess and sing it. The winning team is the first to have all of their team members complete the task. Make sure to comme up with enough song choices, so that everyone gets a chance to draw the name of a Christmas carol.

What you should do is this.

First divide your guests into separate teams. You will then give the name of a different Christmas carol, to the person chosen to start for each team. They in turn will try to get their teammates to correctly guess the name of the song, by drawing only (hence the pictionary theme!).

After the team has identified the song, they must correctly sing it together for 10 - 20 seconds, until you give them a "thumbs up". Then the team sends the next person up for a new song.

The process repeats until one group has completed all of their turns.

The Team Building Holiday Office Party Guessing Games

Do you think you know your co-workers well? Could you identify them from a childhood photo or match them to an item from their desk? Following are two guessing games you can play at Christmas office parties, which have the benefit of bonding your co-workers better together:

1. Gather childhood pictures of every person that works in your office from their spouses, significant others or family members. Don't let your co-workers know; you need to keep it a secret!

When it's time for the office party, use a big white poster board to post the photos with a number under each one. Then, all of your coworkers have to guess who each person is and record their answers on a sheet paper.

2. For the second of these two Christmas party games, you need to secretly swipe a somewhat "personal" item off of each person's desk in your office, the day before the Christmas party. Arrange all of the items on a table at the party, with a number assigned to each one. Then, all of the people at the party will need to decide which item belongs on each person's desk!

Ok, this is all I have. I hope this was useful, at least for some inspiration for your next Christmas party. Merry X-mas to everyone!

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