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Jack Skullington

My daughter as one of her favorite characters.
My daughter as one of her favorite characters. | Source

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The Disneyland Halloween Special Event

Mickey's Halloween Party, or Mickey's not so Scary Halloween as it has been called in the past, is a special event at the Disneyland park. Once our family went once we were hooked. We enjoyed all things about this event. While it is a late start into the park, non-event ticket holders are squeezed out early. This reduction of park goers creates a special atmosphere.

Many wonderful people take full advantage of limited opportunity to show their costuming prowess. Great families and groups of friends do team costumes. Some are amazing displays of investing time, money and love of their character. At this level they might prefer to be called cosplayers (costume + players = cosplayers) for they don costumes many times throughout the year.

No fear trick or treating. You know church groups in your own town that have a trunk or treat safe option for your children to fill bags with candy. Disneyland delivers the goodies with many trick or treat paths all over the park. We are all able to fill bags with candy and/or healthy choices of things like raisins, apple slices, carrots, etc.

The dimly lit Jack Skellington decor proves a welcomed playground for all the glowing and light up Disney merchandise. What is the most common complaint at any amusement park? The long lines of course. We have all seen new or popular attractions with wait times of more than one or even more than two hours long. The best thing about limited tickets to special events at Disneyland is less people in the park equals more favorable wait times. We were able to ride all our favorites multiple times.

To recap this review:

  • all the candy you can carry
  • great Halloween decor
  • all kinds of costumes from store bought to home made
  • whole families dressed up as group cosplay
  • shorter wait times at all the attractions

All this makes Mickey's Halloween Party a great value for our family.

Costume Contest at The Disneyland Hotel

Now, Mickey's Halloween Party is perfect with this costume contest.
Now, Mickey's Halloween Party is perfect with this costume contest. | Source

Itty Bitty Mini CosCon

My family and I are really looking forward to seeing the anticipated competition at this costume contest. We love staying at The Disneyland Hotel for the extra hours in the parks and ease of transport from room to parks with the Monorail.

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