Minecraft Party Decorations and Ideas

If you’ve been asked to put together a Minecraft party and want to create a beautiful party room, you’ll find a few ideas here to get you started.

Minecraft’s popularity has grown to phenomenal heights and so the request for it to be the theme of a party is also very high too...It would seem that fans are not only limited to kids as there are a few big kids who would love to have a Minecraft themed birthday party too. The only problem is that there is not much available in terms of official Minecraft birthday decorations and supplies, meaning that a lot of time and creativity has to go into planning and making your own decorations.

To help out all Minecraft party planners here are a few Minecraft decorating ideas and resources that you can use to create something special for your party:

Please be sure to checkout this page for Minecraft Party supplies, printables and ideas

DIY Minecraft Creeper balloons

Minecraft Balloon Decorations

Balloons are always an important part of decorations and so they can’t go amiss at your party. But instead of just blowing up a few colorful balloons and hanging them around the party area why not make creeper Balloons. They are very easy to make, in fact all you will need to make your creeper balloons are green balloons which you can pick up from the dollar store and these printable Creeper Face templates which the Party Animal is sharing for free. Fill your balloons with helium or air, print off these templates and stick them onto each balloon and leave them hanging around your party area. You could make balloon bouquets, this is basically when you have a bunch of balloons all tied together with ribbons or you could leave them to hang around as individual creepers.

Minecraft Balloon Spider Decoration

Another great decoration you can make is the balloon spider as seen here. This can be done with a balloon as the spider’s body and some streamers attached with tape as the spider legs. For the spider eyes you could cut out some red construction paper into circles and attach them to the balloon. This would be an excellent decoration to have hanging on your walls and would be instantly identifiable to fans.

Minecraft Posters

As further wall décor posters can be used to add more color and some of the themes elements to the party. There are few Minecraft posters on sale in places like Amazon.com so you could order a few of these and have them hanging on the walls during the party. These can also go into the birthday boy or girls bedroom after the party so they will still be useful after the party. A cheaper and perhaps even more fun way of doing this would be to use coloring pages as part of your decorations in the same way as you would posters. This would be perfect for young fans of the game. You could print of Minecraft coloring pages online for free and have your child color them in and then display them at their party.

If it is in your budget there are stone wall decals which look like the stone blocks that are used to make structures in the game. These decals can be applied to walls as a backdrop and will create the impression to guests that they are strolling inside one of the structures that they built in the game.

Minecraft Birthday Banner

The Party Animal has provided this wonderful Minecraft birthday banner template which will surely be of great help to party planners. It is completely free to print off and spells out Happy Birthday. All that’s needed from you once it has been printed is for it to be linked together and hung up. This can be done by punching holes in each letter, threading some string through it and tying it up. String can be picked up from any craft store and cardstock paper would be the best paper to print the graphics on as it is sturdy. You can also print the banner on paper and then give each letter a green background by sticking it on green card, which would give it a neat border and make it stand out a little bit more.

Green and Black Party Décor

If you decide to base you’re decorations on the popular character the creeper, a great way to incorporate it into the theme is to use colors associated with the character as your main theme colors.

From using basic decorations like streamers you can make beautiful interwoven designs to hang up on your walls, from your doorway or from the edges of your party table.

Different shades of green and black will create the pixelated look that is common throughout the whole game.

How to make Minecraft Steve Heads

Minecraft Backdrop

If you have any old boxes lying around it’s time to pull them out and put them to use. Free Templates for Creeper and Steve masks are available and these would be great for when you want to make a costume for Halloween but these can also be used as extra decorations at your party. To make these boxed minecraft character faces all you would have to do is print of the templates here and apply them to boxes with glue. It’s pretty simple to do... But instead of putting them over your head you could make plenty of these characters and place them around the party area... One party planner put the boxes on top of each other to make a wall with these boxes and it looked great.

Minecraft window effect

courtesy of bagnitsch
courtesy of bagnitsch

Minecraft Glass Window Decoration

One great idea I have seen which makes great use of window space and gives your windows that glass look like in the game is shared by bagnitsch who cut zig zag diamond effects in white vinyl tape and stuck them to her windows.

It looks awesome and really creates the effect that brings the game into real life.

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