Mom Will Love This Mother's Day Gift Under $50 - And Trust Me, She Doesn't Have It

What can you possibly buy your mother this Mother's Day - for less than $50 - that she doesn't already own? Here's just the thing!

This Mother's Day, don't buy your mother something from Saks - go one better and buy her a piece of Saks! That's right - for less than $50, including shipping, you can actually give your mom a bona fide share of stock in the stylish store.

It's all thanks to the innovative website On this site, you can literally buy a share of stock to give as a gift to anyone you can possibly think of. For an extra cost, you can have your stock certificate engraved and/or framed. There are over 200 stocks to choose from, so you're certain to find something for everyone you buy gifts for.

So on Mother's Day this year, surprise and delight your mom with a real share of stock in one of her favorite stores - a gift which she will appreciate as it appreciates.

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