Monkey Birthday Cakes, Cupcakes and Cookies

Photo Credit: Betty Crocker
Photo Credit: Betty Crocker

It seems a Monkey Birthday Party is a very popular one, so I decided to make this page to help those looking for ideas on making a Monkey Birthday Cake, Monkey Cupcakes and Monkey Cookies.

Any of these ideas would also be great for a Jungle Party, Littlest Pet Shop Party, Curious George Party, Mod Monkey Party, Sock Monkey Party and many more...

So come along as I go Bananas with many of my favorites ideas right here to give you some inspiration to get in the kitchen and get baking.

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How to make Monkey Cookies

Lets start off with some Monkey Cookies I made myself. I had a lot of requests on my Facebook Page for Monkey Party Ideas. So I came up with an idea for some Monkey Cookies, then went into my kitchen and got baking.

My Monkey Cookie are fun and they all have Fun Facial Expressions and some even have Bows. This was the first time I had made these and I documented it with photos and shared Step by Step Directions. They are so EASY to make and the end result is Adorable.

They can also be a great Party Favor to send home with the kids, Just wrap, tie with some Curling Ribbon and attach a Thank You note and you have a BUDGET FRIENDLY Party Favor the kids will love.

Click Here to see my Step by Step directions:

How to make Monkey Cookies

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart
Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

5 Little Monkeys Bake a Birthday Cake Puzzle

Photo Credit: Hello Cupcake
Photo Credit: Hello Cupcake
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:
Photo Credit:

How to make a Monkey Face Cake

Photo Credit: PBS Kids
Photo Credit: PBS Kids

Monkey Cake, Cupcake and Cookie Photos for more Inspiration

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Monkey Birthday Party Supplies

If you are looking for Monkey Party Supplies to go along with your Monkey Treats then I have the perfect resource for you. I have created a page that features everything you need for your Monkey Party.

You will find Monkey Party Supplies with many designs to choose from, Invitations, Craft Ideas, Game Ideas, Party Favor Ideas and much more.

To see everything available Just Visit Here:

Monkey Birthday Party Theme

Stuff a Plush Monkey Party Activity

A great addition to any Monkey or Jungle Party is the Stuff a Plush Monkey Party Activity. This is where the kids get to stuff a Plush Monkey by hand in the comfort of your home to bring home to love. No Sewing required and the kids love to it. Yes it also doubles as a Party Favor.

Stuff a Plush Monkey Kits are available in both 16" and 8" Sizes so there is something for all Budgets. You get everything you need to create a Plush Monkey in the kits shipped directly to your home. You can even add in T-Shirts to decorate and an Outfit to dress them in.

To Learn more and to see all your Plush Monkey Choices Visit:

The Party Animal

Cute Monkey Sings Happy Birthday - Great Video Card for your Little Monkey

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