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You Can Star in These Animated Holiday Greetings

ElfYourself is an incredibly popular site during the holidays. Millions of people upload their own photos and those of their family and friends to become animated dancing elves. But what if you've already Elf Yourself'd this year and are looking for other fun places to add your photo to an animated holiday video?

Never fear! There are more options out there. They may not be as well known as OfficeMax's ElfYourself, but they'll just satisfy your need to get silly.

So get your headshots ready and take a look at these three sites that will help you put your face on more dancing characters.



ElfYourself is owned by OfficeMax, but the creative genius behind the site is JibJab. So if you want animated video cards that will match the quality and style of EY, head over to JibJab, where you'll find a host of holiday videos.

Many of the "Sendables Starring You" animated holiday cards now are only available to members, so if you want to personalize and send the widest selection of greetings, you'll need to pay a fee. But they also usually have a few that are free. Look around for videos that don't say "Member Exclusive."

Most of the videos will allow you to upload from 1-5 faces, which you simply drag and drop into place to "cast" your video. And you don't need to limit yourself to holiday cards. They also have a great selection of "Starring You" video greetings for birthdays and other occasions.

In addition to giving you the option of sending your greeting via email or posting it online, JibJab also allows you to download and save your animated video or get it on DVD for an additional fee.

A Sample from JibJab

This snowball fight video is one of the many Starring You! animated greeting cards you can personalize at JibJab. It's even more fun when you add funny characters, such as pets or fictional creatures, to your animation!



Another site with a variety of holiday and everyday animated videos that allow you to add your own face is FunPunch. This is a year-round site that provides a variety of options.

They charge a modest fee (currently as little as $1.30 for 10 cards or $9.99 for a 12-month subscription) and allow you to send your creation via email or post it on Facebook.


Unlike the websites above, is only open for the Christmas season, and they only offer one customizable video.

Add your face to the Santa Claus character and then sit back and watch yourself do a dance. There aren't many options here, but it's free, it's fun, and you get the chance to play one of the most beloved characters of all time.

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