More Ideas For Kids Halloween Costumes

Halloween will be here soon which of course means that now would be a good time to start looking for that perfect Halloween costume. Children adore Halloween, after all for one night they get to eat all of the candy and treats that they can hold, and at the same time live out their dreams and become a Disney Princess or maybe Batman or Luke Skywalker.

When they were younger my kids would always complain that Halloween should be longer than for just one day. It was just so much fun that they didn't want it to end, and there really is no reason that they can't have fun and play dress up even after the Holiday has passed.

Luckily a well made Halloween costume can last through many hours of playtime. My youngest for instance wore his Spiderman costume for months until he eventually grew out of it and ended up splitting out the seat.

more ideas for kids halloween costumes
more ideas for kids halloween costumes

Top Halloween Costumes For Boys

Choosing a Halloween costume for a boy is usually pretty easy, after all most every boy has a favorite action figure like this really cute Super Mario costume which even after all these years is still amazingly popular with all ages.

Or the oh so cool Batman The Dark Knight costume which you will have to admit looks a lot cooler than most other versions of Batman costumes. You know, the ones that kind of look like someone wearing their underwear on the outside of their clothes.

Star Wars fans will love the Jedi Knight and Darth Vader costumes, but which will you choose the hero or the villain?

The Iron Man costume includes the mask and comes complete with muscles in the arms and abdominal area.

The Best Halloween Costumes For Girls

Halloween Costumes For Girls

Girls usually prefer something a little more glamorous for their Halloween costumes like this cute little Princess Ariel costume. This costume tends to run a little large so your little one is sure to get a lot of wear out it.

This adorable little woodland fairy costume is magical and glamorous enough to appeal to most little girls. Costume contains dress, wings & headpiece.

The beautiful little Plum Fairy costume contains everything your little girl needs to dress up like a beautiful fairy princess,pkg contains the dress, wings, head piece and wand.

Your little princess will look adorable in this glittery blue Cinderella costume by Disney. The crown and wand which I've listed below sells separately.

Pirates Of The Caribbean fans will love the officially licensed Elizabeth Swann costume by Disney. Costume comes with everything except the sword.

woodland fairy costume
woodland fairy costume


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