Mother's Day Gift Ideas -Best Gifts For Mom

Although all the holiday's are special, I've always thought that Mother's Day is just a little extra special. Because it's a day for honoring mom, and considering everything that mom has and will do for her children. It's only right that she gets a day just for herself.

Normally we tend to to get mom the same thing every year on Mother's Day and that's usually flowers. And although most every mom loves flowers, maybe this year it might be nice to get her something different. Because flowers, while very beautiful usually don't last all that long. So this year on Mother's Day why not get mom something that she'll be able to enjoy all year long.

And if you still have your heart set on flowers, I'm sure that mom wouldn't mind something a little extra to go along with the other gifts.

mother's day gift ideas - best gifts for mom
mother's day gift ideas - best gifts for mom

Buy Mom A Nao Or Lladro Figurine

These gorgeous figurines which are manufactured in Valencia Spain are made to represent almost every important event in a persons life such as marriage or the birth of a child.

Because of this giving mom a Lladro or Nao figurine for Mother's Day this year is a great way to show her just how much she means to you. Although both the Lladro and Nao figurines are equally beautiful you will find the Nao figurines to be just a little more affordable, which is helpful if money is an issue.


Solar Lights For Moms Garden

These 7 color changing soar powered glass globes with look beautiful in mom's garden all year long. To get the best effect from these gorgeous lights in your garden, you're going to want to purchase at least 3-4 lights.

I've had a set of these lights for almost two years now and absolutely love them. So far they work just as good as the day I got them. These lights look particularly beautiful during the winter with the ground covered in snow. And just as long as they receive an adequate amount of sunlight each day, the lights will work year round.


Hummingbird Feeders For Mom

Mom will love this gorgeous ornate hummingbird feeder to hang in her garden this year. I have two of these hanging on my front porch and they always attract plenty of cute little hummingbirds. Hummingbirds get possessive over their feeding spots, so it might be a good idea to have at least a couple of feeders to help keep the fighting down.

Just fill the feeder up with a sugar water mixture and you'll have hummingbirds in no time at all. Just remember to change the water every few days in hot weather, otherwise the little guys could get sick from bacteria growing in the water.


Buy Mom A Kindle

A Kindle makes a fantastic gift for a mom who enjoys reading. In fact I can't imagine a better gift for a reader than a Kindle. A Kindle allows you access to your favorite books without all of the clutter from paperbacks and hardbacks just lying around the house.


Angel Necklaces For Mom

A beautiful and affordable angel necklace or pendant makes a nice thoughtful gift for the mom who likes or collects angels.

The first necklace is a simple but stunning sterling silver Guardian Angel Pendant. This lovely pendant is nice enough to be worn for more dressy occasions but will go equally well with jeans and a t-shirt.

Next on the list is a beautiful sterling silver black agate Angel Cameo Pendant. Mom will love this gorgeous vintage looking cameo.


Gift's For A New Mom

If you're looking for a special gift for a new mom then take a look at these three special gifts that you will find just to your right.

From the beautiful and touch gold heart shaped pendant to the cute little mug and the adorable new mommy picture frame, you should be able to find something here for any new mom on your list this year.

All of these gifts are fairly inexpensive but very thoughtful, which in my opinion makes the very best kind of gift.


Gifts For The Mom To Be

Don't forget about the mommy to be when purchasing your Mother's Day gifts this year.

Because even though the baby may not be here yet, she's still a mom and deserves to get just as much recognition as any other mom.

And depending on her taste you should be able to find something here that will appeal to most mom's to be as well for the new mommy. Whether it's the organizer to help make life easier, the book which is filled with lot's of humor and advice for moms, or maybe the cute little mom necklace with the baby shoe charm.



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