Mother’s Day for Me, My Mom and Mothers around the World

My Mother and Mother's Day

I am now looking forward to another Mother’s day celebration. Not just because I am a mommy myself but because I will be seeing my Mom and spend Mother’s day with her. The last time we had it together was 3 years ago.

When I was little, I used to write her Mother’s day cards like what my children are doing for me now. I pick flowers outside our house to present to her. I remember waiting for a hug, a kiss and ‘I love you, too’ kind of thing, but oddly enough I didn’t get any… just a ‘thank you.’

That didn’t stop me from loving her because at a very young age, I understood what she was going through. She was a young mom and the oldest of a brood of seven who lost their parents when all of them were still young. The favorite daughter of a well-off family suddenly had to work odd jobs to provide for the needs of her own family and her six siblings.

My mom’s survival strategy was to be strict and tough to keep everything in order and to keep her sane. Though the love and caring had always been there, the focus was more on training us to be responsible and strong to face life’s uncertainties. The times I caught her crying while punishing us proved her love to us and her beautiful heart. I felt the warmth and softness of a loving being hidden by the toughened shell of hardships.

She managed to send everybody to school, including my Aunts and Uncles enduring the years of hard work because the salary of my father alone would not suffice. Now that all her siblings have their own lives and only two children are studying in college, she has mellowed and freely expresses her feelings to us. Huh, the thoughtful and sweet core is revealed at last! She hugs me for nothing, oftentimes she tells me she loves me in our phone conversations and she always asks how my kids are doing. She made my life easier when she visited us and took good care of me when I gave birth to my son. Even as old as I am right now, I still asks her for advice. I guess you will never stop needing a mother regardless of how old you get.

My sister told me that our mother is thankful to me for being a good role model to my younger siblings. Well, I was able to tell my Mom before that she is my role model in my own motherhood journey and should be telling this to her again. I appreciated her more when I became a mother myself. I love you Mommy and will forever be grateful to you.

This Mother’s Day, I will be personally giving her flowers and chocolates (her favorite). The last time was sent through a courier. How convenient to have this kind of service available so we can express our love regardless of the distance. Don’t forget to send your mother beautiful flowers this Mother’s Day. Flowers never fail to warm a Mother’s heart. Chocolates would depend on the person’s preference. My Mom definitely loves them! For diabetic moms who love chocolates, sugar-free options are in the market :D

Most Moms love their kitchen and giving her something related to cooking and baking will be such a thrill. Is there a kitchen gadget she’d been wishing to get? Find out and surprise her with it. Cooking something for her or inviting her to dine sounds like such a wonderful idea. She might want to relax from kitchen chores on her special day.

Does your mother need a new church bag? Mother’s Day is a chance to give this to her plus a handheld fan to go with it. If you are a crafter, you definitely have many creative ideas in your mind. Let your hands work on it, how about a wall décor with your personal message or a picture frame with you and you mom’s photo together?

Can you write a poem for her? That would be lovely! If not, there are available framed poems dedicated to mothers and sending her one will surely delight her. A relaxing bath and body spa gift set would be brilliant. There are lots of ways to show our love and gratitude to dear mothers in our life and we even get a bonus that whatever we do to make them feel appreciated and special is sure to make us happy as well.

Mother’s Day is a day to altogether remember and honor the great women in human history-- the women who brought us to this world and showered us with unconditional and never-ending love, the woman who brought forth the person who loves us and whom we love dearly (our mother-in-law), the woman who gave us our mother (our grand mother), the woman who conceived and gave birth to your children and continuously care for your family (your wife), women who gave us our favorite people on earth (our friends’ mothers), women who touched our lives and guided us with our profession and real life dealings (our women mentors) and beloved friends who are now dedicated mothers. There are so many of them (some I may have failed to mention) who selflessly contributed to who and what we are right now. To these great women, my love, appreciation and gratitude go to you all, Mother’s Day or not.

Because people around the world celebrate Mother’s Day on different dates, I compiled the data and formed this table below to serve as reference.

Mother's Day Dates Around the World

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prettydarkhorse profile image

prettydarkhorse 6 years ago from US

great hub and information mama, Happy mothers day to you and your om as well, I am glad you will spend it with your mom, Maita

Mama Sez profile image

Mama Sez 6 years ago from Canada Author

I am really so excited Maita. Just like a child, well I am her child, hehehe. Thanks Kabayan.

Lita C. Malicdem 6 years ago

Mama Sez,

Mothers' day in the Philippines is still months ahead. You are one Mother I would like to great first. Happy Mothers' Day.

Mama Sez profile image

Mama Sez 6 years ago from Canada Author

Hi Ms Lita, I've known you as a loving and dedicated Mom as well. Advanced Happy Mother's Day!...just followed you on networked blogs :)

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