My Little Pony Birthday Cakes Cupcakes And Party Supplies

My Little Pony Birthday Party

Little girls everywhere adore My Little Pony, which makes it the perfect birthday theme for most any young girl. In fact just going with a My Little Pony theme is guaranteed to make your party a success.

When planning a My Little Pony party the first place that you're going to want to start is with the cake or cupcakes. The best supply of My Little Pony cake toppers can be found for sale on eBay. These cake toppers are very easy to use work best when applied to a freshly frosted cake. Or for something even easier you might want to try using My Little Pony cupcake toppers. Most kids love and may even prefer cupcakes over a regular birthday cake and if this is the case with your child you're in luck because there is nothing easier than making cupcakes.

my little pony birthday cakes cupcakes and party supplies
my little pony birthday cakes cupcakes and party supplies

My Little Pony Party Supplies

After you've picked out the birthday cake design you're going to want to check out the invitations, decorations and party supplies. And this is where the fun starts, since you're going with the My Little Pony theme you'll be able to decorate using a rainbow assortment of colors like pink, purple yellow and blue. And if your daughter has a pony collection you can always add them to the decor to improve the overall look of your decorations. Just let your imagination go wild and have some fun, the nice thing about going with this particular birthday theme is the fact that most all of the decorations and party supplies are surprisingly affordable.

Don't forget about the pinata , for most kids the pinata stuffed full of candy and treats is the highlight of the party and a birthday party just wouldn't be the same without the pinata.

When it comes to the party supplies I usually like to save a little time and just go with one of the party packs. But all of the party supplies can also be purchased individually which makes it a good choice for smaller and odd sized birthday parties.

my little pony pinata
my little pony pinata

My Little Pony Trivia

The My Little Pony line of toys which was first launched in 1983 is one of the most popular line of toys of all time. And it's easy to see why they would be so popular with young girls who enjoy collecting the different ponies. But something that may surprise you is the fact that on eBay there is a growing market for custom designed My Little Ponies, these are ponies that have been custom painted by the artist with some of the ponies selling for considerably more than the original price.


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