My New Year's Resolution for 2013: Winning the Publisher's Clearinghouse Lottery

The big bucks!

There it is in black and white--my future success!
There it is in black and white--my future success! | Source

While everyone else is thinking about losing weight in 2013 and beating themselves up for indulging on holiday treats, I’m focused on a more practical resolution by winning the lottery despite the 1 in 175 million odds. This allows me to guiltlessly indulge my sweet tooth and take advantage of the sugar boost I will need to bypass all those flashing disruptive ads that attempt to deter me from being a non-buying winner. The last thing I want to do is spend money before I’ve won any. That would be a big mistake!

Now I’m sure most people think that’s a ridiculous goal, but I take my lottery business seriously. I’m a dedicated participant who never misses an entry. I figure after 37 years sooner or later I’m bound to hit the jackpot. I also believe attitude has a lot to do with winning or losing, it’s not just in how you play the game.

The beauty about my goal is the simplicity behind it, but I do have some hard and fast rules I stick to which gives me the edge on other competitors. There’s also a routine I follow otherwise I could miss out on an entry. I wouldn’t want that.

Here are a few tips to help the less than enthusiastic participant: be sure to check your email bright and early in the morning so you can get your name in the pot first. It might be a good idea to have that cup of coffee already in you as you wouldn’t want to hit the wrong button or make a bad choice. The biggest challenge is deciding between monthly allotments or accepting a lump sum. Take your time and allow the caffeine to do its job before you make any hasty decisions.

Be prepared to face every temptation possible as you go through the endless pages of commercial offers prior to qualifying your entry. It’s a tough row to hoe, but trust me, with enough practice you will eventually be able to flick right through without hesitation.

Remember, being on your toes and zipping through the process can make all the difference in the world. By remaining focused you will be done with your entry lickety-split without any painful purchases.

It is, after all, a free entry, so I always take full advantage of this opportunity. A few minutes on the computer and I’m done. My day is complete as I edge closer to becoming a winner.

So while the rest of you will end up jumping on scales and exercising your rears off next year, I have little to no physical strain with my goal. That makes winning the PCH lottery to me a very reasonable resolution for 2013.

Here’s to winning!

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