My Realistic Fake Blood Recipe

(c) Larry Higbee 2008
(c) Larry Higbee 2008

When you buy stage blood from costume shops it's usually going to be thick and an unnaturally bright red. It's used for adding blood to makeup or to people for stage productions or haunted houses or costumes. it's made to stay put and show up under the lights.

However if you want fake blood for film that needs to flow, drip, smear, splatter or have a more realistic texture then you'll need something different. The fake blood you buy is fine, just with a couple more ingredients. It's simple, here's what I use:

2 parts Mehron Stage Blood

2 parts Chocolate Syrup

1 part Water.

Mix as much as you need. It will flow more realistically and have a darker, more opaque color and not to mention taste much better :) It also washes off skin much easier with less staining.

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