Diary-October 26, 2012

Dear Diary,

It's a regular holiday today here in the Philippines for eid ul adha, Islamic Festival. It means a long weekend for them. But for us, BPO employees, it's still a working day. This holiday makes me feel like the day is moving so slow. I'm already in a weekend mood but I still have one more day for work.

Speaking of holidays, I'm looking forward for the Thanksgiving on November 22-23. Wooot-woo..so excited. Two days holiday, meaning, vacation! We are planning island hopping in Zambales but I might change my mind and instead just schedule that for my eye checkup or go home to Bicol and go to Caramoan Island with my family. Whoa, I can't make up my mind. Hmmn...I think I want vacation. I need vacation. So, I'll go to Island hopping. It's the best way to celebrate thanksgiving.

Because I'm already in a weekend mood, I felt exhausted while working today. I almost fall asleep while doing my job and so are my teammates. No one actually sang aloud that's why they heard me singing even it was almost whisper. So what, I can't help but sing Jason Mraz' songs on this boring day.


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