Natural relations between Good and Evil

Happiness for a being is Sadness to another


For every bit of happiness for a man there is equal unhappiness to another. I might at this point for the intent of this matter use the word ‘being’. Therefore rephrasing my statement it is better I say “for every good moment of a being there is an equal bad moment of another being.” This is true with the life we are living. There are many lifestyles and those who happen to claim innocence of all situations might rightly agree with me at some point but to me nobody is free from the deluge of blame. I would first and foremost like everyone to understand who and what I am. I am just a liberal free thinker who reasons objectively. I might be affiliated to some organization or society with different views than me but I am myself. As a free thinker I reason the best way I could not minding what I was thought. I make use of my natural wisdom to think and figure out things.

Nature comes into existence with living and non-living things. For the non-living things they don’t feel anything. They cannot be hurt. They are dead already and do not experience any form of life. They non-living objects can be used in any form for anything without problems. But for all living things the case is different and varies also from one class or category to another.

As a natural being I know I must eat to be alive. Scientists have come up with ideas of balanced diet and I know that in order to remain healthy I must be able to eat a balanced diet. The balanced diet must contain protein, carbohydrate, fat, oil, and essential vitamins at a certain proportion suitable to keep the body in harmony. I know that if someone eats healthy there are very little chances of getting ill. Most of our ill times are as a result of different and all sorts of junks we eat in the name of delicious or appealing food. We eat meat to get protein. Carbohydrates come in different form from different sources. Some of the sources of the carbohydrates are Corn, Cassava, Yam, Wheat, and Melon … etc. These are all living things. They breath, they feed, they manufacture their food also.  When we talk of life in general, all living beings have something in common thus: The ability to live, feed, and reproduce. Although the processes are different but the end points are the same.

WHY then are we callous to each other?

For me I must kill an animal to feed. I must kill a bird to eat meat. The time of feasting has come and we are happy. Every household smells Turkey! Turkey! Hmmmmmmmm… has Turkey becomes the natural prey at time of Thanksgiving? Oh well I can simply Say YES! Do you believe now that when it is good for one being is a very bad moment for another being? The Turkeys have no place to hide now because they remain the target of the season. From now till the Christmas time it will all be the days of massacre of Turkeys and chickens. The Turkey Kingdom unfortunately has no lawyer to bail them from this natural predicament. How shall we feel if there is a higher animal than us that eats us and have a season for our massacre?

Hey! Some people are very innocent…the so called vegetarians. I have a vegetarian woman friend online. We chat online and we never seen each other and might not see till the end of the world. She is also a mind reader, tarot reader; telepathic healer, palm reader, and can make charm for someone and change someone’s luck. All these she claimed but she was unable to read my mind… Poor her. The reason she cannot penetrate into me to be able to read me is that I do not believe in what the heck they do. My belief, are based on the result of natural experiments that I have experienced the positive results. At a time in my life my friends used to consult me before they do anything. I believe in the law of Karma and other potential natural laws. I believe in the unseen spirits and all that could be accomplished by their forces.

Well! Back to my point, I was arguing with my friend the other about killing animal and eating them. She claimed that they are supposed to be friends and not enemies or agents of the source of our livelihood. But when I opened my mouth we almost ended up as greatest enemy of the year. We however did not talk to each other for 3 month but she later realized that I was absolutely correct. The point was that even the grasses talk, the leaves talk and trees talk. If you can hear them you can equally speak to them. The herbalists know what I am talking about. Herbalist – the true native or traditional healer know that I am correct. All living plants are living like the animals. It is not the gift of everyone to hear the silent speeches and as a result it does not mean they are not living. When I explained to the vegetarian animal listener about the evils she commits by cutting the leaves or so called the vegetables and eat them that she is equally committing the same offense as people who kill and eat animals she became annoyed because she did not know someone else might know better.

Therefore as we celebrate by killing animals to eat it is our good times. We must realize that it is the bad moments in the kingdom of the animals we massacre for food.

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