New Year Resolutions (Even good any old time!)

What do you do when none of your past efforts at a "new you" have yielded the result you dreamed of? Why, of course, you start all over again as soon as possibl


Did you and others you know make "Resolutions" for this New Year?

Did you keep any "Resolutions" you made for that old New Year?

Chances are that you will keep your "new" resolutions about as well as you kept your resolutions in the past, but here are some suggestions on really trying again that I am trying (again):

RESOLVED: To revisit resolutions I have made in the past.

RESOLVED: To throw them all out and start fresh. (It is a new year!)

RESOLVED: There are steps I can take to make life more fulfilling, and I will take them one at a time starting with me.

RESOLVED: If there is anything about me which I don't love, I will take it as my first task to write it down, prioritize my list (if I should happen to find more than one thing to change,) transcribe my findings in secret ink and quickly shred, burn, or otherwise destroy any visible trace of that list.

RESOLVED: to treat what I alone remember about that list to a "reality test" (i.e. would I really "like," much less "love," myself better, if I did improve according to the apparent needs of my dream?)

RESOLVED: To take out the garbage, before I do any more dreaming, and to throw "that secret ink thing" right in, too, along with any copies of lists of resolutions from previous years.

Finally, RESOLVED: To truly accept my neighbor as I have learned to accept myself (blemishes and all) and then to try to love my neighbor no matter what she thinks of "the new man, me!"

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New Year Resolutions

Unless you wrote them down (and can find them) do you even remember what you resolved for the year last January?

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