New Year...Same Approach

I have been so busy lately that I have had to recuse myself from writing these articles for quite some time.  However, instilled with a sense of rebirth (or perhaps a lingering egg nog hangover) and purpose, I have chosen to re-launch my dedication to this website and my hubs.  Although this will be a shorter article, I will try to draft thought-provoking discussion in the future.    The concept of the “New Year” is often trapped within a miasma of romanticism and optimism, regardless of the current state of affairs.  People will conjure up chimeras, hope, and unfounded optimism to serve as a touchstone for the rest of the year.

                However, with goals abounding, which of these truly come to fruition?  Parallel to Christmas, rather than waiting for a calendar day to remind us of social mores, why not exercise these beliefs with the same ferocity every day?  Each year, nearly millions of adults deluded by tradition draft futile lists of things they’re going to alter in their lives.  Yet, by the time snow melts on the ground, these ephemeral  goals bear their true colors.  Does this belie meaning of the holiday?  Or  does it expose human behavior? 

                It is this author’s unwavering belief that in order to successfully reach goals, one must break down goals in a similar vein to constructing a factor tree in mathematics (Don’t worry, I don’t have any intention of teaching mathematical formulas or prose today).  For instance, the number “60” can be broken down into “6 X 10” and even “6X5X2.”  In this realm, the numbers 6, 5, and 2 serve as the instruments necessary to reach 60.  This principal may be applied to the ill-conceived and slapdash lists engendered by misguided enthusiasm. 

                An example of this is the knee-jerk reaction so many of us have to sign up for a gym membership, especially when most of the new signees are not physically active.  It’s the same strained pattern; people sign up for a gym membership, secure the help of a trainer, and complete overwhelm themselves and abruptly quit the gym.  One must possess an even-handed sense of equanimity, or else we’ll realize the chasm between our dreams and reality is too wide for us to jump over. 

                As an alternative forum for discussion, why not consider changing the way  in which you pursue new challenges rather than crafting a  hackneyed list of new challenges.  Perhaps the best way to combat inchoate goals is to get to the root of the problem, just as getting to the bottom of a number requires teasing out its factors (see above).  Once a method has crystalized for you, it may become easier to successful reach your goals and maintain a healthy sense of motiviation.

                For those reading this, please digest your goals like you do your food!  Break down their complex molecule structures into palatable bites.  There should be no sense of rush or exigency when pursuing your goals.  Remember, you have 12 months before they gravitate to the back of your subconscious and you make a new list for 2012.

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