Nutcrackers by Kurt Adler

The Kurt Adler collection is well known for his Christmas decorations. His whimsical take on the old fashioned concepts is refreshing and stylish. Nutcrackers are a Holiday favorite. However what do you think about a nutcracker decorated in ice cream or cake? There are plenty of variations on Nutcrackers here that you are bound to find something to your taste!

These pair of ice cream nutcrackers are great for any ice cream enthusiast! I love how the ice cream cones are on top of their hats! This set of two nutcrackers has figures that stand 15 inches tall. One figure is dressed in red with pink ice cream and candies on his h at. The other is in green stripes with white ice cream and pink candies on the top of his head. These are very very cute and are selling out soon!

The Gingerbread Nutcracker has some exquisite details! I love how he is decorated in candy canes and peppermints. He is 16 inches tall and made of wood. This Nutcaraker is serving up a tray of live Gingerbread men! By his feet is a small gingerbread house. This would make a great gift!

This Nutcracker is the King from the Nutcracker Suite. He is 15 inches tall and is made of wood. This guy is dressed in read and holding a sword. As you suspect he is very popular and not many are left!

This nutcracker is large! It stands 17 and a half inches tall. His hat is a festive candy colored present. In one hand he is holding a white Christmas tree. While in the other hand there is a dangling Christmas Present. He stands on a base so he won't topple over.

The White Robe King Nutcracker by Kurt Adler is a fan favorite! This wooden figure stands 14 inches tall and has fur on his hat and robe.A customer gave this Nutcracker four out of four stars. He states that this is a nice looking a durable product and fits into most collections.

I like this Nutcracker be cause he is so large and so interesting! This Tuscan Winery Nutcracker is part of the Hollywood Collection. he stands over 19 inches tall. This character is serving up some wine and has his hat adorned with grapes!

This whimsical nutcracker stands 17 inches tall. He is very cute in his chef's hat with a heart. I love his expression as its not as harsh as the other nutcrackers. He does not share the same big grin as the other nutcrackers do! He stands on a wooden base and is holding a gingerbread man in one hand. this is a popular item and there are only six left!

This Nutcracker belongs to the Hollywood collection and stands 18 inches tall! As the title suggests he is wearing a cake on his hat! he is dressed in pink. The Nutcracker has a set of strawberries dangling from his side. I love the cherries popping out of his shoes. This figure is embossed with glitter for an extra special look.

The Kurt Alder Red and White Candy Stacker Nutcracker is like getting three Nutcrackers in one! Three little Nutcrackers stand on top of each other to make a 20 inch Nutcracker. Each Nutcracker is dressed unique from the other. the figure is stopped off with a large red hat. I love that the base is a large peppermint candy.

This Nutcracker is dressed in his peppermint best! He has on a a coat with red and white vertical lines. His hat is red and white and adorned by peppermint candies. i love how he is holding a peppermint staff! the base is red and white. This nutcracker stands 15 inches tall. he is very popular and there are not many left in stock!

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Danette Watt profile image

Danette Watt 5 years ago from Illinois

I've always been fascinated with nutcrackers and the many variations they come in. Nice hub!

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