Oh , My sweet mother where are you ?

I can hear your whisper but I can not talk to you loudly

I can feel your presence but I can not put my head in your lap

I can see you around me but I can not show you to others

Oh! my darling mother I miss you very much

I miss your lap, I miss your hug

I miss your smile, please come for a while

You are a treasure for me

I do not want to share you with anyone

I do not want to share your love with anyone

I wish I could bring you back from the world in which you have gone

I wish I could share the moments of happiness with you

holding your hand in mine and hugging you

I wish I could feel your same gentle touch

Now when I , myself have become a mother

I realize how much pain and trouble you took for us

I wish I could get you back

So that I can provide you all the comforts

With my every breath I pray to GOD

You should remain in peace in heaven. ( AMEEN )

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Guriya 12 months ago


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