Dominican Republic - Swim With The Dolphins at Ocean World

Ocean World Domincan Republic is a truely magical place where you are certain to have a really fantastic time. My girlfriend and I visited the Domincan republic in 2009 and this was one the best and most rememberable experiences we had there. We did the Dolphin Swim which was fantastic. The dolphins play with you in the water, they push you along, you get to stroke them, feed them and just in general get up real close to them... They will even come and give you a kiss! The dolphins are most definately the main attraction for Ocean World, but definately not all this wonderful place has to offer.

You can encounter sea lions who are by far the most friendly sea animals on earth. We didn't do this but it did look very good and doesn't cost much more. They are really amazing though. You can also swim with the sharks, which looked pretty cool. There is also a white tiger at Ocean World which is a very rare thing to see. The white tiger is amazing and you can have your photograph taken with him up against a glass window so that it looks like he is balacing on your shoulders. You can even swim alongside him with only glass separting the two of you. Really unusual but excellent experience.

I would recommend Ocean World Domincan Republic to anyone. It was a fantastic day and a fantastic experience - and I would do it all over again.

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pgh 4 years ago

Great article, looking at our photo of swimming with the dolphins at Ocean World right now and totally wishing we were there! October can't come soon enough!

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