On What Dates Do You Buy A Gift For A Military Member?

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Are you serving in the US military or have served in the past? Do you want to show pride for your service? Do you have many veterans who are family members or friends? Military veterans appreciate the recognition and receiving gifts with their branch of the military placed upon it. Men can be difficult to shop for but a piece of military jewelry will make any man's day. So on what dates do you purchase military jewelry for the military person in your life?

National Military Spouse Day falls on May 23. This would be a great day to give your wife or husband a military pendant that shows the branch of service in which he or she served. A military spouse has to put up with and this is a unique way to show him or her the appreciation they deserve.

Memorial Day is the last Monday in May. Here you can get a piece of military jewelry to a service member in appreciation to the sacrifice they gave for their their country. Instead of barbecue you can have a military appreciation celebration and present the jewelry to them at this occasion.

The birthday of the Army is June 14. Here if you have the Army member in your household or in your family, you can celebrate the birthday with them by giving them a nice ring, pendant, or necklace.

The birthday for the Air Force is September 18. Here you can get your fly boy or your fly girl military jewelry that will show the importance of their service in the Air Force.

The Marine Corps birthday is celebrated on November 10 each year. If you have a devil dog in your family, a Marine Corps ring or a necklace would be a fine gift for them to celebrate it with.

Veterans Day falls on November 11. If you have someone in your family that has served in one of the military branches, a nice piece of military jewelry will complement and compliment their commitment to our nation's security.

No matter what branch of the military or in a piece of military Jordan will inspire you to remember the times that you served and inspire others to join up and to shore up our nation's defenses.


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