Parodies of the Christmas Carol "The Twelve Days of Christmas"

Are you bored with the old Twelve Days of Christmas? I have to warn you, searching for parodies online can reveal some rather vulgar and disgusting versions. However, I've found a few parodies that might get you in the proper Christmas spirit.

Jeff Foxworthys 12 days of Christmas

Jeff Foxworthy's version certainly has more practical gifts than the traditional carol. At least for rednecks. And his version would cost considerably less than the estimated $86,609 for the traditional twelve days of gifts in 2008. I especially like the 12th gift, but would prefer Natural Light.

12 Days of Christmas Told by Bob and Doug Mackenzie

These guys are funny, too, and since they have beer on the first day, well, you still get a twelve pack, right? Well that's what I thought until I realized they didn't finish the song!

The Twelve Pains of Christmas

Unfortunately, most of us can relate to this bah humbug parody of The Twelve Days of Christmas. The 12 "pains" of Christmas is the truth!

If you can stand to suffer through the singing, this one if pretty funny for anyone trying to make money online. And Kelvin says it's okay to laugh.

Traditional - Sort of

Back to the traditional version, Kenny Rogers shows you how to make an old classic new fun in this video. Try getting your friends together and head out for some Karaoke in this style. You might not need any of the new versions of The Twelve Days of Christmas!

I have to say, no matter how much you change up the words, The Twelve Days of Christmas is a lonnnng song. I think I've had my fill this year by researching this article!

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Sarah Anderson profile image

Sarah Anderson 2 years ago from Wallingford, CT

12 Pains is awesome. My boyfriend just got me into Homestuck since they've been on a year-long hiatus, and their version's pretty good too.

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