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Everyone loves a party but what makes it more memorable are the invitations. The more unique the more people will remember the excitement building up to the party. One of my favorite things about a party is the decorations. I love to help decorate- it's a lot of fun and a great way to make your guests feel a certain way at your party with colors and themes. I love to take my guests on an adventure so to speak. It does not cost much to have a great time and throw a great party. Here are a few ideas for making invitations as well as decorations. I also like to recycle so if you combine the two you can make one of a kind gifts, decorations and party items your guests will not soon forget. Don't forget to check out my Hub on Printable Wedding Invitations. I hope you enjoy the FREE pictures you do not have to worry about copy write because I made them for home made invitations. I made them larger because some programs when you resize your photos tend to cause your picture to blur. If you have any special color or picture requests just let me know I would be happy to help.

1. Save the picture you want to use -Resize if needed 2. Print as the outside pic 3. Turn Page & print your inside information such as date time etc

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Recycle to Make Great Party Decorations

* Recycle your cans from your canned goods to use as a candle holder you can use any where for extra party lighting.

1. Remove the paper label from your can & wash it out good.

2. Fill to the top with water & freeze.

3. Once it is frozen remove it from the freezer using a marker trace what ever pattern you would like to have on your candle holder. A themed party would be easy to make out of can lights. Simply print a dot pattern in your theme you can use on your can.

4. Using a piece of tape secure your pattern to your can. Use a hammer & a nail to put holes along your Pattern lines about 1" to 1/2" apart. Repeat holes until you have traced your pattern with holes completely around it. Remove your taped piece of paper that has your pattern on it from the can. You can use a small nail for less light to come through or a larger nail for more light to come through.

5. You can paint the can any color or decorate it with glitter, buttons, shells or anything that matches your theme. I love the black paint that has silver that comes to the top like hammered metal. You can also use a piece of colored tissue paper glued to the outside for a different color effect. Take care to move cans inside if rain is expected as it will ruin your tissue paper. You can also use any fireproof material on the top edge of the can to change the look of the can a home made top would be nice out of a larger can or even a tin can cut in squares and shaped like a triangle for a small roof.

6. Drop in a candle and light it up to enjoy your recycled can light that matches your theme for your party. You can also use a glow stick if you are having a children's party for safety.

1. Save the picture you want to use -Resize if needed 2. Print as the outside pic 3. Turn Page & print your inside information such as date time etc

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Click thumbnail to view full-size

* Recycle your old Christmas cards to make one of a kind Christmas party invitations.

1. Trim the usable parts of the front of your card.

2. Using your picture of choice glue it with your favorite glue to the front of your paper choice. You can use home made paper or store bought paper, a piece of recycled card board cut in a rectangle, square or even an interesting shape. * See below: Cardboard ideas*

3. Print your invitation information to glue on the back side of your invitation. You can use a separate piece of paper-using the edge tear cutter looks nice for this idea. You could also have print the information if you want.

4. Put a hole in the top of your paper or cardboard invitation. A hole punch or even a small pair of scissors or a utility knife will work well for this when using cardboard. Use a piece of colored string, ribbon, wire or any interesting tie at the top of your invitation for embellishment.

* Recycled Cardboard Ideas:

1. You can use cardboard for open faced handmade invitations for parties.

2. Many gardeners use cardboard for their garden spot using the no till method. Simple by laying your cardboard over a grassy area for a week or two you can turn a grassy area into a great garden spot the beauty of this idea is cardboard is biodegradable. The garden spot is ready to use when your grass underneath is brown & your cardboard is breaking down. Simply cut an X as large as your root ball of your plant & slip your plant into the cardboard X and gently push the cardboard up against the plant stem. This method not only helps recycle but also helps cut down on weeds as well as holding in the moister at the same time.

3. Recycled Cardboard is fantastic for party decorations the ideas are endless. You can build a Tiki bar or even life sized party decoration cut outs to match a theme such as trees, animals, items, food, vehicles, monsters, party hat cut outs, Christmas themed items, Wedding themed items, birthday themed items, movie themed items, even words & lettering. Let an adult use a utility knife or a sharp kitchen knife to cut out a traced on picture of any themed idea.

A. You can spray paint cardboard cut out shapes to match any party theme. Let the kids help paint the cut outs. You can ask at local appliance stores or grocery stores for extra boxes.

B. You can use card board to make custom gift box any size you want. Use your favorite glue & build your own box of any size. You can cover the box with material or even glitter or even paint to match your theme even a wedding theme of pearl glitter would be beautiful as center pieces & much more affordable then professionally made center pieces.

Simple instructions to make your decorative boxes:

1. Make a paper pattern of the size you want your boxes to be.

See simple pattern at the right.

2. Trace the pattern onto your cardboard

3. Cut out your cardboard boxes. Score the folds slightly with a utility knife to make it easier.

4. Glue or even duct tape your boxes together.

5. Paint your boxes and decorate with anything you wish. Glitter, buttons, wrapping paper, ribbon, bows, attach any items that match your theme. You are only limited by your imagination with this project.

* Any kind of paper could also be used.

* Recycle your plastic bags for decoration by using them to make beautiful garland & flower decorations.

Plastic Bag flowers:

1. open your plastic bag cut down the seams to open the bag up completely.

2. Take your plastic bag and using scissors cut all the way down in 1-4 inches making long strips. If you try this with different sized strips you will be able to make beautiful flowers with different sized petals.

3. Using a twist tie, a wire or a string begin to wined the strips around in circle shape using string, wire or twist tie secure the end of your flower about 1/4 to 1/2 inch up the strip of plastic. Once you have it the size you desire begin to pull the circled plastic out away from the center of your circle it becomes a beautiful flower.

4. Spray paint your flowers for different colors. Dip the otter edge into glue then glitter for a beautiful effect. The best part is your flower is not only recycling but it is also water proof for out door weddings and parties. Enjoy!

* Recycle your paper by using it in to make handmade paper for hand made invitations.

An invitation does not need to be expensive to be fantastic, as a matter of fact some of the best invitations are handmade. There are so many ideas out there the possibles are endless.

Here are just a few ideas to help get your guests in the part mood.

1. Everything starts with color, what color is your party theme going to be that is where you set your focus for invitaions as well as decorations.

2. After using your homemade paper or color paper of choice you can use any text ot typing software program to print your invitation information.

A. You could also hand write your invitation information.

B. Another really great idea is to use all those magazines you have laying around and cut out letters to glue on your invitations. You can use this newspaper clipping generator to make party invitations for a who done it party or even a news flash birthday party. Simply generate your clipping save it & print it for your invitations.

3. You can use anything for invitations.

A. A message in a bottle for a beach party theme.

B. A Small sea shell with the information written inside with puff paints or even printed on a small piece of paper.

C. A spy message concealed inside any box small book or even a small gift item such as a yo-yo or even a deck of cards. The party begins with the hunt for the invitation information.

D. Recycle while you party use uncommon items for your invitations get creative. You can use a marker and a plastic cup full of candys, party favors, colored papers with ideas for a pot luck dinner. Write a dish idea on each piece of paper such as 1. Horderves 2. Desert 3. Entree

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