Pet Safety For Halloween

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It's A Hubmob Hub!

Keep Pets Safe Too

Halloween is approaching fast and if you are one that celebrates this spooky and fun holiday, then you are busy getting ready for the scariest night of the year. You are busy finding a costume for yourself and your children if you have them. Your house may be decorated with ghosts and goblins and the front porch strewed with cobwebs. But there may be one small detail that will slip your mind during all of the festivities: your pets.

Does your pet like Halloween?
Does your pet like Halloween?
While cute, decorative items can be harmful to pets.  Take caution when placing your decorations around your home.
While cute, decorative items can be harmful to pets. Take caution when placing your decorations around your home.

Some Suggestions For Pet Safety

Halloween can be fun for all including pets, however special care needs to be taken to ensure their safety and the safety of those that visit your home for trick-or-treating. On Halloween night, make sure that your pets are kept away from the door while your door bell is continuously ringing. The constant flow of people can easily scare your pet. You don't want them jetting out the door when you are not looking. Just in case, make sure that all of your pets have the proper ID. Put them in a place where they will be safe, with food, water, and toys.

Also, keep large dogs and curious cats away from lit candles and pumpkins. Large dogs have large tails that can wipe out a candle and curious cats can severely harm themselves on an open flame. Make sure that all electrical cords are well hidden. Pets can chew on the cords and become seriously injured.

Some pets do not mind to wear clothes and Halloween is a great time to take advantage of all of the cute pet costumes that have shown up on the market. A word of caution about putting your pet into a costume: if the pet shows that they do not want to wear the costume, or if they refuse to put it on, do not force the pet into the costume. It can cause your pet to have an increased level of stress. Also, if the pet costume comes with a mask, make sure that it has plenty of room around the eyes and that it does not cover the snout or mouth. While they may look cute, the situation could take a wrong turn by forcing a pet to wear a costume. Also if your pet does wear a costume, do a double check to make sure that there are no small, chewable parts and pieces that your pet could choke on.

Remember that Halloween candy, or any candy for that matter, is not good for pets. Chocolate, especially is harmful for animals, as it contains a substance that cannot be tolerated by them. The wrappers that are found on some candies can get stuck in their digestive tracts and be fatal. Keep all candy out of the reach of your pets and do not give them any or let anyone else give them any. Make sure that the trick-or-treat bowl is well above the height that they can reach it. The smell may be too tempting for some pets to take.

Some people feel that intoxicating an animal is funny and that it will not cause any harm, however alcohol and other drugs can be fatal to animals. If you are having a Halloween party where there will be such items, make sure that your guests do not expose your pets to such things. Forcing an animal to drink alcohol or blowing smoke into it's face, could cause unexpected consequences. With all of the commotion going on, it is best to keep the pets in a separate area where they will be safe. Of course, make sure that they have food, water, and toys.

Some people will take their dogs with them while they take their children trick-or-treating. Unless you have a very friendly dog that you know is comfortable around a lot of strange people, then leave your dog at home. The environment will be full of excitement and may cause your dog to get excited as well. Of course, the dog should be on a leash that you can control. If you are not sure about how they will react, then it is also best to leave them at home. Also, if you take your pet out, make sure they it has the proper ID in case it gets away from you.

Remember To Have Fun

Halloween can be a great time of year for everyone, including pets. As their owners, we have the responsibility to ensure that they are safe. And we also have the responsibility to ensure the safety of those that come into contact with the animal. Following these simple guidelines will ensure that everyone is celebrating Halloween for years to come. Remember to have fun as well as be safe!

Now go out there and get some candy!

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Diane Inside profile image

Diane Inside 6 years ago

Hey Christina, yeah ped safety is so important, I remember many times when pets get out and follow the kids only to get ran over by a car. Nice Hub.

kids-toy-box profile image

kids-toy-box 6 years ago

Hi ChristinaScibona Thanks for recomending my hub. The count Dogula pic is really cute...but Pet safety is often overlooked during celebrations..great that your hub raises more awareness on this issue of Pet Saftey.

wordscribe43 profile image

wordscribe43 6 years ago from Pacific Northwest, USA

Great hub, I always worry about my dogs on Halloween. One year, when I was tending to trick-or-treaters at my door, my dogs BOTH busted a funky move out the front door. We ended up spending most of our Halloween tracking down our black labs. Ugh.

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