Phineas And Ferb Birthday Cakes And Party Ideas

Phineas and Ferb is a very funny animated show about two boys Phineas and his step-brother and his brother Ferb who are always on summer vacation.

Each day follows the brothers as they go on a new and exciting adventure all the while trying to avoid their older sister Candace who spends all of her time trying to foil the two brothers and their schemes.

Phineas and Ferb is a popular show with boys and if you've ever watched it with your kids you'll even find that it has some clean adult humor that you'll also enjoy and find amusing. Because of this Phineas and Ferb is very popular birthday theme with kids as well as their parents who enjoy the opportunity to watch the show along with their kids.

phineas and ferb birthday cakes and party ideas
phineas and ferb birthday cakes and party ideas

Phineas And Ferb Cake Toppers

If you're looking for a Phneas and Ferb birthday cake design be sure to check out the Phineas and Ferb cake toppers that you will find listed on eBay.

Just to your right you will find a few of some of the many Phinease and Ferb cake and cupcake toppers that are available online. These cake toppers are very easy to work with, just apply to a freshly frosted birthday cake and the end result will be a gorgeous bakery quality cake that nobody will be able to believe that you made yourself.

Phineas and Ferb Party Supplies

Now that the birthday cake is out of the way you may want to pick up some party supplies for your Phineas and Ferb birthday party.

Most everyone is on a fairly strict budget these days and if this is the case with you then you might want to order your party supplies separately. This allows you to pick and choose, only ordering the most important party supplies and save a little money in the process. This may also be a good way to go for small or odd sized parties.

Otherwise the Phineas and Ferb basic party kit contains most everything needed for a party of 8 and is very affordably priced at just over $16. Basic party kit contains lunch plates, napkins, cups, plastic silverware, invitations, 20 orange balloons, 24 birthday candles, white curling ribbon and a yellow crepe streamer. Just add a birthday banner and you're all set.

Phineas And Ferb Party Food Ideas

When it comes to party foods for kids it's usually best to stick to kid friendly foods that most kids like. True some of these items might not be the most healthy choice but it's only for one day and everyone deserves a splurge now and then.

Most popular kids party food ideas

Corn dogs
Grilled Cheese
Mini cheeseburgers
Fresh fruit
Fruit punch
Birthday cake
Ice cream


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