Picture Collage Puzzles

A picture collage is a beautiful fusion of photos from one or several events in a person's life. They can be used to showcase the efforts and accomplishments of an individual, two people's lives together, or to simply share precious memories between friends and family members. A picture collage can be used in many different ways in order to create priceless pieces that will be treasured forever.

Wedding Photo Collage
Wedding Photo Collage

Ideas for Creating a Picture Collage

When it comes to creating a picture collage, it requires far more effort than many might think. It isn't as simple as throwing a bunch of photos together on a paper and calling is a collage. Instead, thought and creativity must go in to not only how to group the photos, but what theme and photos should actually be chosen. When created correctly though, the collage itself will speak volumes and correctly mimic the memories it was created to represent.

Reunions and Group Picture Collages

Picture collages that are created to showcase a reunion or other group event can be difficult to create. First of all, the sheer number of people involved makes it difficult to make sure that everyone is properly included. A selection of photos should be chosen that represent the entire group, and every effort should be made to ensure that the same people are not featured in every picture again and again.

A Family Collage

A picture collage that is meant to represent an immediate family can really allow you to get creative. Try to pick a theme for your collage. It can be a general throughout the years theme, or perhaps just a certain holiday or season from one particular year. Choose pictures that are flattering to all members of the family, and that reflect the mood of the event or theme that was chosen.

An Anniversary Collage

One of the funnest and easiest collages to create is an anniversary collage. Whether you are creating a collage for yourself or others, the obvious theme is going to be the love that is shared between the couple involved. You can again choose photos from one single year or throughout the years that the couple has been together. Either way, the love that they share will be sure to shine through beautifully in the collage.

A Business Picture Collage

There are several reasons why you might need or want to create a collage of pictures for your business. Maybe someone is retiring, and you would like to provide them with a memory of their time working there as a parting gift, or perhaps your business has an annual event that you would like to showcase. Regardless of the reason, a picture collage can create a wonderful memory.

A picture collage is appropriate to make in a wide variety of different situations. Not only can they be used as beautiful keepsakes, but if you combine a photo collage with a unique item like a puzzle and create a photo puzzle, it can be the perfect gift for almost any occasion or individual.

Creating a Treasured Picture Collage Puzzle Gift

When searching for a gift that would be perfect for any occasion or person on your list, it can be difficult to choose something that you think they might use and enjoy. Creating a picture collage puzzle is a wonderful way to provide your friend or loved one with an entertaining gift that they can both enjoy and treasure forever. So how do you go about creating this perfect gift?

1. Choose a Theme for the Puzzle

The first step in creating a picture collage puzzle is to choose a theme that the gift will follow. This can be a vacation, holiday, or season based theme for a family collage, or a year of love or everlasting love throughout the years theme for an anniversary. Regardless of the idea you choose, it is what your background, pictures, and other effects should follow during the puzzle making process.

2. Pick the Perfect Photos

The next step to take when making a picture collage for your puzzle is to choose flattering photos that best represent the theme you have chosen. You want to choose a selection of photos that will be able to tell a story without words, so that the memories and times shared are properly archived.

3. Decide on a Size and Piece Number

Once the theme and photos have been chosen, you need to decide on what size and difficulty you would like your puzzle to be. If you are ordering the picture collage puzzle for a younger child, then you may want to go with a small size and lower piece number such as 35 pieces. However, for an adult that you know loved jigsaw puzzle, a larger design with more than a thousand pieces may be ideal.

4. Choose a Reputable Company

The final step to take when you wish to create a picture collage puzzle as a gift is to find a reputable company to order from. You want to be sure that the company you choose is professional, and had had many satisfied customers. The individuals at Jigsaw2order.com are established and efficient professionals that can help you create a gift that will provide lasting memories for the one you love.

A picture collage puzzle is a unique gift that is perfect when created for almost any occasion. No matter what age the person is that you need to purchase a present for, they will be sure to enjoy an entertaining puzzle which holds a lifetime of memories.

Thoughts or Questions on Picture Collages

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