Planning Baby's 1st Birthday Party

Planning baby's 1st birthday party
Planning baby's 1st birthday party

Celebrating A First Birthday

Your baby is approaching a very important mile stone in his or her life, which is why you want to do your best to make it memorable. And while it's true that baby won't remember having the party your pictures and videos will last a lifetime.

When we decided to have a 1st birthday party for my oldest I wasn't sure just how much he would get out of it considering his young age. But I have have to admit that he enjoyed every minute of his first birthday party. Everything from the cake and balloons down to the presents and bows absolutely delighted him.

So why not have that party, after all your baby will only be this age for a very short time in his or her life. And trust me, you will want to remember every minute of it.

Planning A First Birthday

When planning a 1st birthday party it's always a good idea to allow for nap time. A one year old tends to get a little cranky when they are overly tired.

Also because babies do tire easily, you might want to make sure that the party doesn't last too long, anything under two hours is usually good.

Try and find at least a couple of people to help out at the party. One to take pictures and the other to help with various other aspects such as serving and helping to entertain the guests. This will help to reduce your stress levels and keep things running more smoothly.

Choosing A 1st Birthday Party Theme

Next you're going to want to choose a 1st birthday party theme.

Winnie The Poo is an ageless theme that is still popular choice for 1st birthday parties. This adorable Winnie The Poo super set contains everything that you need from balloons to table decorations and even invitations. Set serves 8.

Sesame Street is also another popular first birthday choice. The Sesame Street Babies First Birthday set that you will find below contains everything needed to serve 8.

Color coordinated sets like blue for boys and pink for also cute and popular. This pink set contains everything needed for 18 guests at a very affordable price. And the blue set for boys contains everything needed for 8 guests.

If you like Disney be sure to check out these cure little Mickey and Minnie Mouse party sets.  Both contain everything needed for a party of 8 guests.

Games And Activities For A First Birthday Party

Babies at this age are easily entertained but you might try a few of the following activities.

Baby Bottle Bowling:
Just fill up a few baby bottles with rice and then arrange them in the traditional bowling pin pattern and let the babies knock them down with a soft ball.

 Blowing Bubbles:
Babies love to blow bubbles and this will keep them entertained for quite some time.

Make A Ball Pit:
Using a plastic swimming pool and some plastic balls. Ball pits are always a big hit with babies and toddles.

Sidewalk Chalk:
Just give them some sidewalk chalk and turn them loose on your sidewalk.  Of course you'll still have to make sure that they don't eat the chalk, but babies love to draw and color so this will be a lot of fun for everyone.


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