Planning a Strawberry Shortcake Themed Birthday Party

Last year, my Niece, Sophie, celebrated her fourth birthday. When my sister asked if we would like to help plan her Strawberry Shortcake themed birthday party, I quickly handed the reigns over to my wife. After all, what did I know about Strawberry Shortcake…um, practically nothing! So, my friends, here are some Strawberry Shortcake birthday party ideas…presented by my lovely wife, Lauren.

I love children's birthday parties! So when my husband asked if I would help plan Sophie's Strawberry Shortcake party, I couldn't resist! Now Strawberry Shortcake is quite different from what I remember as a child. I guess you could say she has "grown with the times" and is a bit more "cool" than she once was! Honestly, I don't know how that is possible….wasn't everything COOL in the 1980s? Ha!

I found decorations at discount party stores on-line and at the dollar store!
I found decorations at discount party stores on-line and at the dollar store!

Off to the Local Party and Dollar Stores!

When I first heard that Strawberry Shortcake was to be the theme of the birthday party I immediately started thinking about the color scheme I would use (obviously, red, pink and green were chosen). First and foremost, I made a trip to my local party supply store and purchased red plastic table covers, red and pink latex balloons, red, pink and green crepe paper, and a package of confetti (that just so happened to be in the shape of, you guessed it, strawberries!).Oh, I also purchased some inexpensive, pink paper placemats. All of the above mentioned items are inexpensive, basic party supplies. I am a firm believer that simple balloons and lots of crepe paper can really make a party festive and fun! It really isn't necessary to spend a boat load of money to create a fun party atmosphere!

Next stop, my favorite place in the world (when it comes to party planning)…the dollar store! Someone above must have really been looking out for me as the first thing I saw when I walked down the party aisle was Strawberry Shortcake! Coloring books, party favors, posters, stickers and more! I was in Strawberry Shortcake heaven!

Party Favors, Cupcakes & Games, Oh My!

As for food, this was a cake and punch only party….which is perfect for four and five year olds! The party started at one and ended at three. Not having to plan a lunch or dinner menu is a bonus in my book! I made chocolate cupcakes and iced them with pink frosting (of course they had pink sprinkles on them too!). Strawberry ice cream and pink punch was also served. At each place setting was a Strawberry Shortcake hat, plate, napkin and cup (all of which I found at a discount party store on the internet).

As for "goodie bags" each child received a pink bag filled with "girly" type party favors, as well as a coloring book. Each bag had Strawberry Shortcake stickers on the front and a giant strawberry Mylar balloon tied to it. They were a huge hit!

Even Nick wore a Strawberry Shortcake hat!
Even Nick wore a Strawberry Shortcake hat!

After the presents were opened it was craft time! I gave each child a giant strawberry (which I found on the internet and printed from my home computer) and they went to town with various decorations (crayons, markers, glitter, pom-poms, buttons, stickers, etc.). Kids love craft projects and so do I! Simple craft projects keep kids busy and entertained and it is easy to pick out a project that relates to your party theme (just use your imagination!). After craft time all of the children went outside and played a variety of games using a giant parachute and lots of colored balls. This too was a hit!

The kids enjoyed the strawberry craft project!
The kids enjoyed the strawberry craft project!
Mylar strawberry balloons and goodie bags.
Mylar strawberry balloons and goodie bags.

Over all, I would say that my Niece Sophie LOVED her Strawberry Shortcake themed party. In fact, it is almost one year later and she still talks about it! Planning a child's birthday party does not have to be difficult or expensive. With a little imagination (and, of course, a local dollar store!) you too can plan a festive and fun birthday party for that little someone special in your life! Have fun and remember…birthday parties are about spending time with your family and friends but most of all, they are about creating memories and celebrating life! Enjoy!

Front:Prizes for the winners of the party games! Back: The goodie bags!
Front:Prizes for the winners of the party games! Back: The goodie bags!

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Marie 6 years ago

Where did you get the strawberry shaped balloons? I live in KC, MO and want to get some. Did you get them online? How was the quality? Can they be refilled?

Julie B 6 years ago

I have the same question - where did you get the balloons?

Cygstarz profile image

Cygstarz 6 years ago from Maryland Author

Hello! I purchased the strawberry balloons at Amazon.Com. I put the link to the balloons above (they cost $3.25 each). They are mylar and last a long time (a week or so). I am not sure if they can be refilled (best bet is to call a party store that sells mylar balloons and ask them). Since they are sealed after being filled, I'm not certain if it is possible to un-seal them. Thank you for your question!

PS: Each child at the party took a strawberry balloon home and they were thrilled!

kittythedreamer profile image

kittythedreamer 5 years ago from the Ether

awesome...super glad i found this hub, as this is going to be my daughter's 3rd birthday party theme. thanks for the advice. i am actually having a friend make cupcakes like the dessert strawberry shortcake (with strawberry filling inside and whipped cream on top). just another idea for anyone who is doing this theme. voted up from me!

MsQuestion profile image

MsQuestion 5 years ago from New Jersey

I love Strawberry Shortcake! Great pictures in this hub! I have found that "special theme" parties are always a hit - and fun to plan. Great hub!

hirley denny 4 years ago

Love the dolls!!!

Erica 4 years ago

where did you get the strawberry shortcake dolls???

Cygstarz profile image

Cygstarz 4 years ago from Maryland Author

I believe I ordered the dolls through Amazon. They were reasonably priced. Thanks for your comment!

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