Pumpkin Carving With Power Tools!

My husband and I carved this pumpkin with his router!
My husband and I carved this pumpkin with his router!


You will need:

a pumpkin (obviously)

a pattern or stencil (see links)



knives, spoons, and scoops

a Dremel or a router

tea light or candle

To begin, cover your work area with some newspapers or plastic. Carving pumpkins is messy to begin with, but when you add power tools to the mix, you're asking for it.

Gather your tools - knives, spoons, ice cream scoops, pins/nail, pattern, Dremel or router...

Cut off the top, scoop out the insides. (Roast the seeds! Yum!)

Position your pattern on the pumpkin and hold the paper in place with pins.

Use a pin (or a nail works better because it's a little bigger!) to poke little holes allĀ along the pattern lines. When you are done, remove the paper. You will have tiny little holes on the pumpkin that follow the lines of your pattern. You can then connect the dots (holes) with a pen or Sharpie to make your pattern easy to see for when you cut!

Now, take a router or a Dremel and cut out the pieces of your pattern that need to be cut out. This is SO much easier than using a knife or a pumpkin-carving tool!

Be very careful - the router will turn the pumpkin into fine, orange mist. It can get messy. You might even want to wear safety goggles. I did.

Stop and wipe the pumpkin every now and then so that you can see your pattern.

Depending on the power in your router, you might need someone to help hold the pumpkin steady while you carve.

Follow along the lines that you traced, carving your pattern!

When you are all done carving with the router, use a small knife to help clean up edges, straighten out lines, etc.

Place a small candle or tea light inside, light, and enjoy!

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What's News 6 years ago

Yeah using power tools on a pumpkin is fun. Great hub. Thanks for the pointers.

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