ROAR! Throw the BEST Dinosaur Birthday Party Ever! Creative Dinosaur Games, Decorations and Goodie Bag Ideas!

Want to have a roaring good time? Then why not throw your little girl or boy the best dinosaur birthday party ever! When it comes to throwing a dinosaur birthday party there are many creative ideas and decorations to choose from. Yes, the possibilities are endless…and best of all; you don't have to take out a loan to pay for the party! Believe it or not, it is possible to throw a dino-mite party without breaking the bank.

I love birthday party decorations and trust me when I say there are MANY different types of dinosaur decorations to choose from. Whether you choose to buy dinosaur decorations that are cute and whimsical or realistic and some-what scary… you will have plenty of options.

 When I plan a child's birthday party I use both commercial decorations (think pre-printed plates, napkins, etc.) along with my own ideas and creations. For this particular birthday party, I purchased the table cover, plates, centerpiece, horns, napkins and confetti at the local party store. Party stores are bigger and better than ever, however, when it comes to decorations, keep an open and creative mind as there are many other wonderful alternatives and items to choose from! More on decorations in a bit…


12 foam dinosaur masks
12 foam dinosaur masks

Instead of party hats...have your guests wear dino masks!


These puppets are great to put in the goodie bags!


Create a Wonderful Tablescape!

If you have read any of my other birthday party HUB Pages then you know that I LOVE to create wonderful tablescapes! Now if you don't know exactly what a tablescape is, don't bother looking in the dictionary because it's not in there. Basically, a tablescape is all of the wonderful decorating elements that you have put together on your table in order to create a wonderful and festive setting. Make sense? Unfortunately, a pair of salt and pepper shakers and a vase full of flowers is not considered a tablescape (in my book anyway!). To view the Halloween tablescape that I put together for my Niece's Halloween birthday party, please visit my HUB: Throw the BEST Halloween Birthday Party Ever! Great Decoration, Favor and Game Ideas! Now back to the topic at hand…creating the perfect dinosaur birthday party tablescape!

In my opinion, creating the perfect tablescape setting for your party is very important. After all, it is the center of attention…the place where all of your party guests gather to eat and sing! For a child's birthday party I like to create magical tablescapes…that means a lot of color, glitter and in this case…dinosaurs!

The main colors I chose for the dinosaur table were purple, blue, orange, green and yellow. In the center of the table was a fun T-Rex centerpiece (which I purchased at the local party store). On each side of the T-Rex centerpiece I placed cupcake stands (loaded with fun dinosaur cupcakes, of course!). Each place setting consisted of a dinosaur plate, napkin, spoon, dinosaur horn (blow-out) and a mini cup full of M&Ms. Scattered around the table were a variety of dinosaurs, small plastic palm trees and rocks, confetti and plastic crystals (they made the table shine).

I purchased the plastic crystals at a craft store and they were very inexpensive. As for the plastic dinosaurs, palm trees and fake rocks…the best place to shop for these items is on the internet! The Oriental Trading Company and The Dino Farm both had an abundance of affordable plastic dinosaurs and dinosaur accessories! As you can see in the pictures below, the dinosaur tablescape was wonderful and best of all, the kids LOVED it!

I found this great dino centerpiece at the local party store!
I found this great dino centerpiece at the local party store!
A fun and festive dinosaur tablescape!
A fun and festive dinosaur tablescape!

Shall We Play a Game?

If I have learned anything from throwing kid birthday parties it is the importance of keeping the event moving. As you probably know, three, four and five year olds don't have long attention spans! Therefore, it is very important to be organized and efficient! In other words….have a plan, stick to it and if possible, have a party helper on hand at all times. Lag time between party activities can create chaos and quite possibly lead to the destruction of your home. Ok, that may be a bit of an exaggeration…but you get my point! Trust me when I say that a four year old with nothing to do will quickly FIND a way to entertain him or herself hence the reason to keep the party moving forward.

Inflatable Dinosaurs used for the Dinosaur Adoption Event!
Inflatable Dinosaurs used for the Dinosaur Adoption Event!

As for games to play at your dinosaur birthday party…well there are many to choose from! For this particular birthday party I chose to have a dinosaur adoption event and a dinosaur egg hunt. Both of which were a huge success (the kids had a blast!). For the adoption event I purchased inexpensive blow-up dinosaurs (see picture). I then created dinosaur adoption certificates and prepared them before hand by putting the date of adoption and the name of each child on the certificate. Preparing the certificates in advance saved time and allowed me to keep the party moving. During the adoption event each child was allowed to choose one dinosaur to adopt. They then chose a name for their dinosaur (which I wrote on the certificate). Once each child had a dinosaur I asked them raise their right hands and repeat the dinosaur adoption pledge…which was something like: "I promise to love, feed and play with my dinosaur every day. I will be a good dinosaur owner and care for my dinosaur at all times." The kids loved the adoption event and were thrilled to be able to take their dinosaurs home with them.

The Make-Believe Dinosaur Adoption Center!
The Make-Believe Dinosaur Adoption Center!
Dinosaur Eggs
Dinosaur Eggs

As for the dinosaur egg hunt…well, that too was a huge hit! Since I knew that I would be having a dinosaur birthday party in June, I decided to be pro-active and plan ahead! In April, a day or two after Easter, I went to Wal-Mart and purchased dinosaur Easter eggs. Since I purchased them AFTER Easter, they were 75% off! I filled each egg with dinosaur stickers, small plastic dinosaurs and Tootsie Rolls. About one hour before the party was to start I hid the eggs in the back yard. When egg hunt time rolled around, I gave each child an egg collection bag and made up a story about a mommy dinosaur that left her eggs in the yard and needed help finding them. The kids were intrigued by this story and were eager to help! They were also very excited to find a little surprise inside of each egg.

The last fifteen minutes of the party was reserved for piñata time! I purchased a dinosaur piñata and filled it with candy and small dinosaur toys. Of course, each child had a turn hitting the piñata and fun was had by all.

As For Decorations....

Now, as promised…back to the decorations! I am a firm believer that simple party decorations such as balloons and crepe paper go a long way (not to mention they don't cost a lot of money). I found adorable dinosaur balloons on the internet and took them to my local party store to be inflated.

I also discovered that the Animal Planet sells a line of plastic (very realistic looking) dinosaurs. I purchased a couple of these, tied balloons around them and placed them around the house. I also found a great dinosaur store on-line that sells large inflatable dinosaurs!

 I purchased an inflatable T-Rex and placed him on the front porch…he was the official guest greeter! Of course, every dinosaur party needs dinosaur sounds (a good roar now and again never hurt anybody!). I purchased a few dinosaur sound effects on-line and down-loaded them on to my I-Pod. The kids were thrilled to hear the roar of dinosaurs and the stomping of dinosaur feet.

Animal Planet sells a line of realistic dinosaurs!
Animal Planet sells a line of realistic dinosaurs!
Kids LOVE Goodie Bags!
Kids LOVE Goodie Bags!

Dinosaur Goodie Bags

No doubt about it, kids LOVE goodie bags. When I was a child I attended many birthday parties and to this day can still remember how exciting it was to receive a goodie bag! After all, who doesn't like a bag filled with small toys and candy!

For this particular party, I purchased green, purple, blue and orange plastic containers at the dollar store (remember, when it comes to birthday parties…the dollar store is your friend!). I then filled them with all types of dinosaur loot such as small plastic dinosaurs, dinosaur bouncing balls, a small dinosaur puzzle, dinosaur pencils and sharpener, a make-it yourself dinosaur necklace craft, dinosaur bones candy, stickers, and of course lollipops. I then wrapped each container in cellophane and tied it off with curly ribbon. I then tied a dinosaur information card on each goodie bag and wrote the name of the child it was intended for. As you can see in the picture…they turned out great and the kids LOVED them (and the parents did too!).

So there you have it…fun and creative dinosaur party ideas! Though it seems that at home birthday parties are becoming a rarity, I am a firm believer in the old fashioned kid party…with cupcakes, pin the tail on the donkey (or in this case, the dinosaur) and lots of balloons! Remember, throwing a birthday party doesn't have to be expensive. All you have to do is open your mind, use your imagination and get those creative juices flowing! Good luck.

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More Pictures - Enjoy!

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AskAshlie3433 profile image

AskAshlie3433 6 years ago from WEST VIRGINIA

You have very creative hubs! Best wishes to you and your loved ones!

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 4 years ago from Wv

Good ideas for my own dino party. I loved that you added your own pics!

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 4 years ago from Wv

Just wanted you to know we had a dinosaur adoption at my son's party! It went over very well! I think my son had as much fun preparing for the party as being at the party.

Cygstarz profile image

Cygstarz 4 years ago from Maryland Author

Hi Ms Chievous!

So glad your son's dino party was a hit! The dino adoption event is such a fun idea...and different. Can't say I've been to many dinosaur adoption events in my life. :-) Also happy that your son enjoyed prepping for the party. I think it's a good idea to get the kids involved in all aspects of the party...including decorating. Thanks for letting me know that your party went well. Take care!

A McNamara 4 years ago

Hi! I was wondering where you got the little dinosaurs for on top of the cup cakes and the dinosaurs and dinosaur puzzle for the goodie bags? Thanks! Very cute party!!

Sallie 2 years ago

I would LOVE to see the dino adoption certificate. I can't figure out how to make one

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