Inspired Homemade Gifts For Your Romantic Partner

The best gifts for people you care about are those with personal touch, because after all it’s a sign of love and attention that you want to show. It is even more true, when you think of a gift for your romantic partner. Although you would probably be happy to receive a fancy pot set from your aunt as a wedding gift, it’s not what you expect from your boyfriend. Hand-made gifts are of a great value because they show effort and love that you put into them. However not all of us are skilled in knitting, wood carving, painting or other crafts. Here are some ideas that anybody can use to create a gift for Valentine’s Day, birthday, anniversary, Christmas or any other occasion. With a little work and imagination you can make a creative personal gift which will be heartwarming and memorable for your loved one.

Love is the best gift one can recieve


Romantic songs album. Choose songs that you and your partner enjoy and make a CD. These could be romantic love songs or those that remind you of beautiful moments together. Tip: enclose a book with song list and add a comment for each of the songs chosen. Explain why it is important to you, what moment it reminds of. Maybe it was a song, which was playing in a restaurant during your first date, or it is a melody, that your partner likes to whistle when feeling happy.

Diary of love. Write down memories you treasure the most. Concentrate on how you felt, where it took place, details important to you: music, smell, look in the eyes you remember and why did it feel so special to you.This is very similar to photo album, only the emphasis is on text. Your choice depends on whether writing or visuals is your stronger side. Nevertheless you can illustrate it with some photos or other … mentioned above. Tip: you can start writing diary now and grant your partner for Christmas with best memories of last year.

Massage is a very intimate gift


Gift card for massage. This is a gift that will send shivers down his/hers spine. Of course you don’t want to send your partner to local Spa and end up celebrating alone. Instead be the one who sends him/her into sensual paradise. Take a piece of paper and write something like: “Relaxing massage gift card. Performed by sensual guru Your Name" Tip: pair your "gift card" with nice massage oil and search the internet for some massage basics. A perfect Valentine’s Day's gift!

Photo collage. Pick nice pictures of you together. These might be taken during the holidays you enjoyed, funny ones from the parties, pictures of your pets, favorite places etc. You can simply put it in an album, but if you want to make it more creative and memorable make a photo collage. Stick photos to a nice notebook, or, living in a digital age, you can even put them in a power point presentation. Add comments, write something about each picture, make up a storyline and document it with your photos. Tip: you can add old tickets from the concert you enjoyed, postcards, little notes you have left each other or other artifacts of your love.

Small gift on a dinner table will be a nice surprise


A day together. Plan a romantic day or weekend just for two of you. Choose activities that have special meaning to you and your partner. It could be either visiting places that revive good memories or, contrary, doing something completely new and unusual. What you choose depends on your and your partner's personality and of course whether you date long enough to have lots of things to remember. Order a table in the restaurant where you met, go for a walk in park where you enjoyed to stroll, visit a place or take an adventure you dreamed of, but never dared. It could be something as crazy as having a picnic on a roof if it's summer or skiing with sleds if it is wintertime. Doing something extraordinary will make your day more memorable. Tip: prepare pleasant surprises in the places you're going to visit. Hide romantic letter under the bench in a park so your partner could discover it, make a heart of sand and stones in a beach and come across it while having a stroll. And don't forget your camera!

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Thanks! Nice ideas!

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