Romantic Date Ideas


Love- Romance- Red Roses- Candlelit Dinner- A kiss under the stars-

What goes through your mind when someone mentions valentine's day ?

Does it bring back memories of school days when you hoped to see a card on your desk or in the mailbox?!

What are you thinking of doing next valentine's day to make it extra special ?

Or on other days you feel  like having a romantic date ?

Are you the type like some to be rushing in to the petrol station on the way home to grab an overpriced bunch of flowers & box of chocolates or do you like to surprise the love of your life ?!

Would you like some great ideas for a romantic & diferent Valentines day ?

Here are some ideas below !


Romance in the Skies

Love is in the Air !

Take your love sky high in 2011 with a hot air balloon ride followed by a champagne breakfast ! I haven't been in one yet however I hope to this year and I believe it will be romantic up there together !


Romance on the water !

Take romance out on the water !
Take romance out on the water !

Romance on the water

Have a peaceful yet romantic time with your loved one in a tranquil setting either along a river or around a lake .

Pack a picnic lunch,  fresh buns, your favourite fillings, fruit and a bottle of wine or your favourite drink along with your love and sense of humor and have a wonderful day together !

Romance under the water!

It is another world under there and it is best shared with the one you love
It is another world under there and it is best shared with the one you love

Romance under the water

Spend time exporing the world under the water with your loved one , holding hands as you swim along seeing the beatiful fish , maybe a turtle or stingray .

Take a picnic lunch to enjoy together afterwards on the beach !

Other Romantic ideas

Depending where you are other options include

Horse riding

A hike in the woods

Skiing together


Visit to a winery

Rainy day dates

Yes I guess it might rain where you are and my above ideas might be wrong for the day so here are some inside rainy  day ideas coming up!

Have fun cooking a new recipe or making cakes .

Do some adult colouring in for a laugh

Tell jokes , if you don't know any find some online !

Play naughts & crosses !


Rainy day Ideas

Have a walk & a kiss in the rain!
Have a walk & a kiss in the rain!

Romance in the rain !

Walk in the rain together and enjoy being together no matter what the weather !

Indoor skating

10 pin bowling


cooking together

Explore an art gallery or museum ( if it interests the both of you)


Romance in the Evening

Beautiful spot for a romantic dinner !
Beautiful spot for a romantic dinner !

Romance is everywhere !

Valentine's day 2011 is on a monday so most people will be at work , however there is no reason why you cannot enjoy the day activities on the weekend before or try some of them after work if it is summer where you are!

For a lot of you it will be cold so will be looking at inside dates such as a meal in a restaurant or the movies.

Valentines day poems

The Night Was Made For Romance

The night was made for romance.
In the night our two hearts dance.

Valentine's Day is a day of love
Where love is as bright as the sun
We share kisses, and even a hug
With people we call our loved ones
Unrequited love is oh! so harsh
When the one you love doesn't love you
You feel you're left standing in the dark
Wishing this reality were untrue
Well that's why Valentine's Day is so great
It encourages you to show you care
It makes you just wanna say
I love you and will always be there
I once loved someone in this way
And I was encouraged on Valentine's
I went up to him, just to say
I would like you to be mine

Valentine Treasures Valentine treasures are people who
have often crossed your mind,
family, friends and others, too,
who in your life have shined
the warmth of love or a spark of light
that makes you remember them;
no matter how long since you’ve actually met,
each one is a luminous gem,
who gleams and glows in your memory,
bringing special pleasures,
and that’s why this Valentine comes to you:
You’re one of those sparkling treasures!

Under the stars our lips touch.
In the garden your embrace means so much.

The night was made for love.
Our hearts cooing like a white dove.
Your eyes sparkling like diamonds so white.
I love you darling with all my might.

The night was made for caring and trust.
And darling, God made this night for us.

School Day Valentine Ideas

If you are both at the same school then why not have a special picnic lunch together and

make extra nice sandwhiches , cup cakes in the shape of hearts & swap cards etc.

Or have a special afternoon tea at a nice spot on the way home from school if you have permission from your parents either a picnic or a favourite cafe.

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