Life can be demanding, requiring you to fit in wherever you are. This poem proves that you can be different and still fit in.


No one seemed to know what went wrong.

He was handsome and was quite strong.

They called him Oleg the odd one.

Oleg was six feet tall, no fun.

Even Santa looked up at him,

He was quite tall, but he was slim.

Oleg laughed and liked to play around,

Turning the other Elves upside down.

Santa was sad about this clown.

He wouldn’t fit any sleigh to be found.

He had no job for this tall Elf to do.

He might as well banish him and be through.

A big snow buried the workshop.

No one could see over the top.

Santa knew it was Christmas Eve.

He couldn’t find his sleigh to leave.

Oleg stood well above the snow

The tiny reindeer cried out below.

Oleg pulled all the reindeer clear,

Found the sleigh and hitched the reindeer.

The reindeer were prancing around.

Tapping the snow they looked quite proud.

Oleg brought Santa with gifts to carry

Santa flew, he could not tarry.

In the workshop was a party

Elves dancing and singing hearty.

A good year, the gifts were away,

For now they were all free to play.

Oleg came in, they climbed on him

Telling him, now he’s one of them.

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Houseplant 3 years ago

Very creative, and shows there is a place and talent for everyone.

Oleg found his place !

ROBERTHEWETTSR profile image

ROBERTHEWETTSR 3 years ago from Louisville, Kentucky Author

Thanks Houseplant, I will try to come up with someting new for this Christmas. Cotton

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