Santa's Nice List Ideas: Reward Your Kids For Good Behavior

Naughty or Nice?

He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake, and he knows whether you've been naughty or nice. Santa Claus is always watching!

This year, if your kids have been keeping Santa happy by listening well, using their manners, being nice to their siblings and basically being on their best behavior, Santa may want to surprise them with some gifts for their effort. Here are a few ways to acknowledge your kids for making it to Santa's Nice List.


Nice List Certificates

One of the easiest ways to recognize your kids for making it to Santa's Nice List is by getting an official Nice List certificate.

Most companies offering Santa letters, such as Santa's Official North Pole Mail and Package from Santa, allow you to purchase Nice List certificates with their letters.

You can also buy printable Santa's Nice List certificates individually to print at home from sites such as Christmas Letter or Santa Letter, or you can get an annual membership to Instaletter and create unlimited Nice List certificates and letters from Santa, as well as letters from the Easter Bunny and other characters.


Personalized Nice List Ornaments

Another great way to reward your kids for making Santa's Nice List is to give a personalized Christmas ornament At Zazzle, you can customize Nice List Christmas tree ornaments with your child's name. Don't like the designs available? Make your own! Zazzle makes it easy for anyone to create personalized ornaments, mugs, cards, stamps, shirts, and dozens of other items. Search the site to see what you like or make your own creation.

Nice List Figurine

This collectible figurine features Santa holding his big "Naughty and Nice List" book. You can customize it with a pen to include the names of all the members of your family who have been nice.

More Santa' Nice List Gifts

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How do you reward your kids for making Santa's Nice List? 4 comments

Ali  6 years ago

I been nice to my friends

mohameD 5 years ago

how come i never get a christmas present anD my house is kiDman park walter street but i Dont have a christmas tree can you still bring me a present.

what i wont for christmas is xbox 360 kinect with lots fo games you can get a ps3 with lots of games you can get a wii because he wont give it back anD a iphone anD my email is thankyou santa

Sara 4 years ago

i love you

Jayda 3 years ago

I like you

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