Sesame Street Character Gifts - Popular Gift ideas for Kids

Sesame Street Character- Gift ideas for Kids

Sesame Street is a popular American kids television series. The sesame street has revolutionized the kids’s programming landscape forever.  The sesame street presented the education in an enjoyable and entertaining way. Sesame Street has become a pioneer in informative kids television programs.

The popularity of the sesame street among the kids was also mainly due to the characters. Let’s look at some favorite characters and their popularity.

Sesame Street Character Gift ideas

Sesame Street - Bert and Ernie

Bert and Ernie are the two longest running characters of the television series. The two characters appear together in several skits adding comic to the situation and events. Children love these characters and you will find many exciting gifts that will remind your children of the famous characters and make them happy.

  • Fisher-Price T.M.X. Tickle Me Ernie:

It is cute looking soft and huggable toy which is 11 inches tall. This amazing Ernie talks humorous phrases. It falls backward, spins in circle and gets back up on its own. It is a perfect gift for any child aged 3 years or more. It is available for $54 at Amazon online

  • Gund Sesame Street 14-inch Bert:

This Sesame Street 14-inch Bert soft toy from Gund can be the perfect cuddly companion for child who lover sesame characters. It is available at Amazon for an amazing price of $14.74.

  • Gund Ernie Hand Puppet:

If you want to encourage creativity in your child, then there can be no better gift than this. The Ernie Hand Puppet from Gund will encourage your child to think more creatively. Children are thrilled when they find that are playing a key role in bringing the Ernie character to life. The puppet toy is 10” tall and useful for budding puppeteers. Adults can also use this hand puppet as the hand opening is suitable for adults hand as well. This amazing hand puppet is available for $13.32 at Amazon.

Sesame Street
Sesame Street

Sesame Street -Big Bird:

Big Bird is a popular sesame character loved by children. The eight foot two inch tall yellow bird can dance, sing, ice skate, roller skate, draw, write poetry and ride a unicycle.

  • Gund Soft and Shaggy Big Bird doll in new large size!

This large size Big Bird is a perfect soft and cuddly companion for your kid. It is made using the soft “Shaggy” fur. It is available for $16.43 at Amazon.

Sesame Street - Oscar the Grouch:

It is one of the funniest looking characters in sesame television series. It scorns at everything that is nice and sweet. The funniest thing about Oscar the Grouch is he is only happy when he is miserable. Children find the Oscar very amusing.

  • Gund Sesame Street 12 - Inch Oscar The Grouch:

The 12 inch Oscar the grouch is understuffed to make it more lovable and cuddly. If your Child is a big fan of Sesame Street than he is surely going to jump with joy when you gift him/her Oscar the Grouch. It is available at $13.29 at Amazon.

Sesame Street Popular Character Gift ideas

Best gifts For Kids

If your kid is great fan of Sesame Street television series then there can be no better gift than a sesame favorite character

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