Shaoxing - City of Bridges

Some old bridges

The City of Shaoxing

I first came to this ancient city 2 years ago, when I first ventured into ESL teaching in China.  The city I arrived at was Shaoxing.  It is an ancient city with a long and revered history.

It has been described as the city of bridges, of the Asian Venice, but it is a city - modern in parts but still ancient in others.  There are wealthy people here and those who are struggling just like any other city of the world,.

It is a city full of contrasts at every level.  Beautiful gardens and landscaped roadways and motorways but often piles of rubbish in places that most westerners would find hard to imagine.

Very modern buildings stand side by side with ancient dwellings, temples,and  bridges.  There are modern stores and others not much more than little boxes where clearly business is successful enough for the vendor to keep on keeping on.

Bridges?  I've heard and read of different numbers - but now an update states that there are over 10,000 bridges - from tiny bridges over narrow canals to much more modern and larger bridges over the rivers and waterways that criss cross the county of Shaoxing.

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