Sign a Family Up For Toys For Tots

Sign a family up for toys for tots

It is indeed tough times. As of this moment, it seems for every job at a job fair, there are over 3 Americans unemployed, so it’s a good time to sign a family up for toys for tots. Unemployment has risen drastically because of the recession, and needless to say, a lot of us out there just do not have the budget to get our kids some decent gifts this holiday season. Heck, some of us are having problems paying off our own debts. Even though, we should never force ourselves to live beyond our means; if we can’t buy our kids gifts, then we just cannot buy them gifts. However, don’t fret; you can sign a family up for toys for tots and enroll in the program.

Humanity may be full of deceit, murderers and conceited people. However, the majority of us have good intentions and you can see this for yourself when you sign a family up for toys for tots. This is a service during the holidays in which you can enroll in the program and get the kids some free gifts. `The goal of trying to sign a family up for toys for totsprogram is to bring a message of hope to kids who live in a bleak environment so that they know that there are some really good people out there. Instead of them growing up with resentment, they can hopefully grow up beyond their circumstances and become productive citizens in the future who will in turn help others. This really is a great way to provide Christmas help for low income families that need it.

This organization is available to all- there are no borders here. Social workers can sign a family up for toys for tots from their case families. Clergy can sign a family up for toys for tots if they can perceive that certain folks do not have enough to get their kids some Christmas presents. Heck, anyone can sign a family up for toys for tots if you somehow know that those folks could use a helping hand. This organization does its work alongside various charitable organizations, churches and other faith-based organizations.

There are really no specific criteria on which folks are eligible; it mainly works on an honesty basis. However, just because you sign a family up for toys for tots doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed gifts. It all depends on how many gifts a specific campaign center has and which families that campaign center chooses. All the gifts are new- none are second hand, unless they’re in amazing condition. This is why this organization needs the support of everyone in the community. You can also sign a family up for toys for totsat your local charity centers or even online. Simply go to their website and have a look around. Find the link where you can get free gifts. You would then have to select the region and community and you are then directed to the person in-charge of that specific charity center. A brief explanation on why you or other mentioned families would be good applicants and proof of residency is all that’s needed to sign a family up for toys for tots. It’s not that hard to spread the love- it just takes a little to give a little.


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bayoulady profile image

bayoulady 6 years ago from Northern Louisiana,USA

So important to call attention to this, now that Fall is here!

Quianna Sims 4 years ago

I would like to sign my children up for help for christmas, I am unable to buy my sons anything for christmas i was unemployed for awhile and i am now just getting a job, but at the same time trying to catch up on my bills and providing them with there necceties and i feel bad that i am not able to provide much for them especially for christmas if i can get any help I WOULD BE VERY GRATFUL AND MY SONS WOULD BE SO HAPPY THEY LOOK FORWARD FOR THIS TIME OF THE YEAR

Marika scott 3 years ago

Like to sign for toys for tots my name is Maria I am a family doing this holiday my ceiling fell in on my house I have two daughters a great auntie and two cousins we haved been split up through the holidays because of the house disaster and I would live for. Us to be oghether on Christmas and the new year if you could please help my family get together and spend a lovely holiday and new year year together my family and I could stop crying and enjoy the holiday togther

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