Simple but Effect Ways to Propose Marriage


Simple but Effect Ways to Propose

Are you thinking about proposing but don't even have an idea how to propose? Is there a Right Way to propose? Here are some ideas to consider.

Let's start with the STORY: Your proposal should reflect a story. Once she says "YES" your fiancé will be telling the story about your proposal for years to come. This story will be passed down to generations like a family heirloom. You would hate to hear your future bride say "the proposal was really sweet or he tried". Don't leave your fiancé with that.

Make it about HER: The proposal needs to be Special to her & keep it SIMPLE. This is going to be your time to really tune into her to find out what is special to her. You will need to pay attention to the little things that maybe you never noticed before. Is a day at the salon/spa special to her? What is her Favorite Restaurant? Favorite Food? Favorite Movie? Favorite Color? Favorite Flower? Favorite Place in the World? Where was your first date? Once you figure out what is most special to her this will give you incentive to create your proposal plan. Details are very important to a woman & she will immediately know you took the extra special time to make this special for her.

The PRESSURE: There is a lot of pressure to propose right. So many men don't do it right because they just don't know what to do. Even though you have planned it out, you will be NERVOUS. After choosing your words, practice saying them or print them out ~ practice saying them for a couple of weeks. Things will happen when you take a knee.

  • When you take a knee, she won't be listening to what you are saying
  • When you take a knee, you will forget what you are saying

Remember what ever you say will be perfect if it comes from the heart. Keep it simple & really enjoy yourself.


Create a Romantic evening stage: Imagine you are invited to a remote area where you arrive and an amazing romantic setting is created just for you!

Simple & unique ideas really create "an Intimate Environment". Elements for Fantasy are Roses. Red Roses are the symbol of LOVE.

Candles and Red Roses = Intimate Table Setting.

Create your Intimate Table Setting by placing rose petals & rose heads all over the tabletop. Place candles in various heights in the center of the table. Placing rose petals on the ground to create a path to the intimate table setting is a very special touch. Don't forget the china, crystal wine or champagne glasses and linen napkins.

For an extra special tough you may want to have a friend or hire a Coordinator to set the stage by lighting the candles, setting the table, heating/preparing the food prior to your arrival. The Coordinator could also act as a server to create this special ambience for your outdoor proposal.

If you were invited to this table setting where some one wants to create a magical special moment for you, this is one place you will definitely want to set at and hopefully maybe say YES to what will happen when you walk down the aisle to "I DO".


Beach Proposals are incredibly romantic. You have the beautiful sunset, waves crashing, and an intimate dinner setting waiting at the table with a chilled bottle of champagne. Postcard Perfect.

Outdoor Proposals are also incredibly romantic. You have the beautiful mountain view, lots of pine smelling timber, sounds of birds and an intimate picnic setting waiting with a bottle of wine.

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jdbrown426 profile image

jdbrown426 6 years ago

That's nice. I live like that, creatively and romantic.

Sexist crap 3 years ago

Narrow minded rubbish. This article portrays women as simple, shallow, greedy airheads and men as clueless simpletons. JUST DO WHATEVER YOU FEEL IS RIGHT. Plus, who says that men should propose to women? Women can propose to men, men to men, women to women.

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