Smurfs Birthday Cakes And Party Ideas

Do you remember those cute little blue creatures from the 1980's called the Surfs? Well, whether you remember them or not the Smurfs are about to make a come back in a big way with the release of the new Smurfs movie starring Neil Patrick Harris Frank Azaria,Katy Perry and Sofia Vergara.

If you grew up during the 1980's there's probably a good chance that you're already a Smurf fan from back then. Is so then you're going to love introducing your own kids to the cute and loveable little blue Smurfs.

And what better way to introduce your kids to the smurfs than by taking them to see the new film and throwing them a Smurfs party for their next birthday. In the coming months Smurfs birthday theme promises to be the hottest new birthday theme for young boys as well as for girls who love the cute little Smurfs.

smurfs birthday cakes and party ideas
smurfs birthday cakes and party ideas

Smurfs Birthday Cakes

When planning a Smurfs party the birthday cake is always a good place to start. For this you pretty much have your choice of either buying a Smurfs cake pan and decorating the cake yourself, or going with an edible Smurfs cake topper that you have applied to a freshly frosted cake either baked by yourself or picked up from your local bakery.

Cake decorating is not something that I excel at so I myself prefer the edible cake toppers which allows you to produce a beautifully decorated cake without any cake decorating skills what so ever. But the choice is really up to you as to which you prefer.

Smurfs Party Supplies

If you're looking for Smurfs party supplies then look no further, here you can find the party plates, cups and napkins as well as balloons and party favors.

The easiest way to supply your Smurf party is by going with a party pack but you can also pick up most of these items for sale individually which can be helpful if you're on a more strict budget, and who isn't these days.

Decorations For A Smurf Party

Decorating for a Smurf party is easier than you might think. Just hang up some blue and white streamers around the party area.

This along with some balloons and Smurf movie posters along with a few stuffed (plush) Smurfs will put the finishing touches on your Smurf birthday party.

Food Ideas For A Smurf Party

Smurf berry juice - blue kool-ade
Blue popcorn
Blue ice cream
Smurf berry sandwiches - little finger sandwiches filled with cream cheese and blue berry jelly.
Papa Smurfs nacho's - add blue food coloring to white nacho cheese.


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