Smurfs Theme Party

Those Little Blue Creatures Who Live in Mushrooms...

Who else could I be speaking of but The Smurfs? I bet you didn't know that they started out as a Belgian comic strip. Or that the conception of The Smurfs dates back over 40 years. You've probably never given much thought to where they came from and how it all started, but I bet, if you're between the ages of 30 and 50, you probably had a Smurf theme party sometime in your childhood.

With a new feature film set to hit the theaters this July, The Smurfs have come back into a much deserved lime-light and many people are tossing around the idea of hosting a Smurf Themed Party.

In this Hub, I'll share with you some fun ideas on how to pull off a Smurf Party - either for yourself, or for one (or more) of your children. We'll discuss decorations, fun activities, and of course yummy (an blue!) foods to serve your guests. Get ready to be "Smurfed"!

Set To Hit Theaters This July!

Watch the First Ever Smurfs Episode!

First Things First: Invitations

It's always fun to get real invitations in the mail, as opposed to e-vites. Whenever possible, I would always suggest sending real invitations. Not only is it fun for kids to receive their own mail, but chances are the invites will be stuck to the refrigerator and act as a great reminder of the upcoming party.

Because there is a new film coming out all about The Smurfs, finding invitations at your local party supply store won't be very difficult. If you do have trouble finding them, defintiely search online and you'll be sure to find plenty of options. Or you could always make your invitations even more personal: Design your own invitations along with your child/children. All you need is blue and white construction paper, a pair of scissors, glue, and a black marker to write with.

Be sure to send your invites out at least a month in advance and ask for RSVPs 2 weeks before the party date so that you have plenty of time to prepare with the final guest count in mind.

Next: How to Decorate for Your Smurf Party

Well, I think it's pretty obvious that "smurf blue" is going to be the color of the day! Fortunately for us, it's a pretty common color. Be sure to hang streamers and balloons, use blue table clothes, and find Smurf wall decals to place here and there. Again, with the movie coming out soon, it shouldn't be too difficult to find Smurf Themed party supplies.

Purchase a complete party supply kit, which will include more decorations, plates, cups, napkins, and other food supplies. When I was a kid, I had Smurf stuffed animals and figurines (Who am I kidding? I still have them! Actually, my kids "expropriated" them for their own use), so if you have any of these treasures hidden away from your childhood, pull them out for the occasion. Just be sure to place them where sticky little fingers can't reach.

Try to find cut-outs or wall decals of mushrooms too, to help recreate Smurf Village in the space you're using for the party, either inside or outside. The aim is to make the kids feel like they are in the land of The Smurfs, which isn't so different from our world, but different enough to be magical.

What do Little Blue Creatures do for Fun?

Entertaining children at parties is always the biggest task involved. When it comes to a Smurf Themed Party, here are a handful of ideas of activities to keep them occupied and interested:

  • A coloring contest: Print multiple copies of different Smurf characters and let the kids choose which one they want to color. Supply the crayons and let the kids go nuts! Be sure to award each child with a prize so no one feels left out.
  • Pin the Cat in Garamel's Arms: The kids will find it very funny to see where his kitty cat ends up--on his head, on top of his feet, or purrr-fectly placed in his arms.
  • Smurfette Says: A twist on the classic Simon Says, because let's face it, Smurfette is definitely in charge in Smurf Village and all the little Smurf boys do whatever she says!
  • Smurf Face-Painting: Children always love to get something cute painted on their cheek. If you're not quite talented enough to pull it off, try to find a friend willing to spend the afternoon with you painting little smufs on the cheeks of all the guests.

And My Favorite Part About a Smurfs Party...


How fun is it that all of the food and drinks you serve at a Smurfs Themed Party can be blue? You can serve both naturally occurring blue foods and foods dyed with food coloring. One thing is for sure, anyone who attends will be going home with a blue tongue.

Here are just a few BLUE FOOD ideas:

  • Blue Jello
  • Blue Berries
  • Blue Corn Tortilla Chips
  • Blue Rice Crispy Treats
  • Blue Candies (assorted types)
  • Blue Frosted Cupcakes or Cake
  • Blue Popcorn
  • Blue Fruit Juice or Lemonade
  • Blue Ice Cream

Really, the sky is the limit. Blue food coloring is non-toxic and can be added to almost any kind of food to give it a blue tint. Another cute idea is to decorate cupcakes as if they were mushrooms. Be creative--but be careful--blue food coloring defintiely stains!

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Smurfette 5 years ago

I'm having a Smurf sleepover and I'm Smurfette.Everything was fantastic but I'm really fussy with food so that part wasn't any help.?

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freecampingaussie 5 years ago from Southern Spain

love it used to watch the smurfs! Found you while hub hopping -voted you up!

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