Some Ideas for a BirthDay Morning for Your Child.

Have fun raising your kid

There is a million different ways to keep a bond with your child long after he (or she) grows up. If you give your kid lots of love while he is little, he will remember those days for all his life. If you play with your kid, tickle him, sing with him, jump and dance with him around the house while he is little, you will keep close bonds with him for a long time.

Children don't need our mentoring, they long for our affection and attention, for the secure feeling that they are loved and cared for. Teaching, mentoring and disciplining them will come along with having fun together. All those reminiscences will help your growing child to go through the painful process of teen-times. Spend as much time as you can with your child while he is little, it will pay off later in full.

Happy Birthday!

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Special morning.

One of the strongest memories is a birthday celebration memory. The way you organize a BD for your child means a lot for him. A child is waiting for this day to come long before the Date. When he wakes up on his Birthday morning, his anticipation starts even before he opens his eyes. Guests will come later; celebration might be later in the day, or even postponed for a weekend. But the child is excited already in the very morning of his birthday! Remember this. It's in your power to make this morning a strong accord which is fully yours. Here are some ideas to begin the Day for your child.

Usually I prepared several gifts for my son. The gifts don't have to be fancy and expensive, no! As a matter of fact, a child doesn't understand the monetary value of a gift. He might be happier with a cheap car model than with an expensive pair of shiny shoes. You should just think with your child's mind, try to perceive what is his dream and expectation. So, I used to buy up to 5 small and funny presents for my son and one or two big and useful ones.

reading the Map
reading the Map

1. When my son turned 8, I organized his BD morning this way:Treasure Hunting.

I drew beforehand a colorful map of our apartment in a way that it looked like a real landscape map, but with the reality of our house. There was a lake on the location of a bathroom, an icy mountain in a refrigerator corner, volcano where the stove was, etc.

Give a way for your creativity. Wild flowers field for a living room, a cave for a study room. If you are a poor artist, just cut pictures from different magazines or print from the web and paste them.

In the corner of the map I put a picture of a compass rose, according to the apartment position.

I packed a real compass in a small box and wrapped it. I put this box in a bigger box and wrapped it again. Thus I did it several times, each time packing a wrapped gift box in a bigger box, until I got a BIG WRAPPED GIFT BOX.

I put this box next to my son's bed at night. I wrote directions for the map on an old like parchment paper. I folded a map and directions and put them under his pillow. I hid the gifts all over the apartment, but in remarkable places, mentioned in the directions.

In the morning my son had a LOT OF FUN unwrapping the first present and going according to his compass in search of other gifts.

He was even given a wheel on a boat as a BD boy.
He was even given a wheel on a boat as a BD boy.

2. When my son was 10, we went to Eilat (Red Sea) as a BD gift.

I woke him up in the morning and gave him a packed backpack.

Instead of school, we went on a vacation for three days.

We had a lot of fun relaxing on the beaches, touring the city, and checking out the attractions.

Later my son said, "It was a great Birthday. It's a pity, though, without gifts"...haha, so make sure, to call the vacation The GIFT.

Having fun with cousins
Having fun with cousins

3. When my son was 12, I filled his room with hundreds of baloons.

I was busy half of the night, filling them with air. Regular air, not helium.

The effect was above all expectations. My son made his way through the baloon fair screaming and dancing.

My son is a young adult now, but he remembers those cherishable moments.

There were other Birthday mornings, organized to entertain my son in a special way.

One time I made a pack of cards in different languages (because we are a multilingual family and use three languages at home), the cards were instructing him where to find his gifts. At that time my son was very young and reading in three languages was a challenge for him.

Another year I took pictures of different corners of our house "before" and "after"; my son was asked to find the differences. Of course, "the differences" were the presents stuck between regular objects.

My latest surprise was for his Birthday night (hm, he is grown up already...)

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Reuven 8 years ago

Yes, it is true. I will never forget the 20 great mornings that started my birthday in the best way! Thank you mom! I love you

ReuVera profile image

ReuVera 8 years ago from USA Author

Nice to hear this! I love you too. You are a WONDERFUL son!

P.S. Remind me, what did I do for the first three birthday mornings:) ;)

Reuven 8 years ago

Ahhh yes, the first 3 birthday mornings I do not remember , though I am 100% sure they were increddible like the rest :)

Ms.Advice profile image

Ms.Advice 8 years ago

Your article reflects the exact way I feel about kids birthdays they don't need to have the most expensive iteams if you just put some thought and creativity into it they will enjoy and remember it forever. I will have to try the Birthday morning surprise on someone I know. I have a few ideas ;) thanks.

Ms. Advice

ReuVera profile image

ReuVera 8 years ago from USA Author

You are welcome and thank you too!

sjk6101983 profile image

sjk6101983 7 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

Here's an idea: take the kid to Winkie's! It's a store by Bayshore Mall. :) I know the owner's son since he went to my high school! It's a family environment so there's a lot of kids always there! :)

ReuVera profile image

ReuVera 7 years ago from USA Author

Great! Thanks, sjk! Now I know where I'll take my baby for his 22nd BD :) :) :)

sjk6101983 profile image

sjk6101983 7 years ago from Milwaukee, WI

That's funny! :) I was telling him about Winkie's on AIM yesterday! He sounded interested!

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