Spooky Halloween Party for Kids

Halloween Fun

Fun, Fun, Fun is all I can say about Halloween Day. Everybody loves the thrill of dressing up in any imaginable costumes that they like, decorating houses in the spookiest ways, eating the tummy churning cookies and a day where they bring out their most intelligently crafted pumpkins.

Ideas for the Party

1) Pumpkin Contest

I think the best idea for a Halloween party is having kids bring their own crafted pumpkins to your party and you create a contest out of it. The winner of the spookiest pumpkin will get to visit your spookiest chamber in your house and have him or her find the prize.

2) Eating Contest

Get kids to eat eyeballs, fingers or spiders made from cookies or ice cream and give a time limit to it. Once time is up, the one who ate the most will be the winner.

3) Treasure Hunt

Let the children find Halloween candies that you have been hiding around your haunted house.

4) Story Telling

Gather the children together sitting in a circle and place a few jack-o-lanterns around the circle and off the lights to create the spooky ambience. Then have each of them continue the story which was told by the first person.

At The End of the Party

You can end the party by distributing children Halloween activity books as gifts for the children or you can give them out for them to play as the last activity of the day.

Links for Printable Activity Sheets

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