Strawberry Shortcake Cake And Party Supplies

Do you remember Strawberry Shortcake ? During the 1980's this cute little red-haired character along with her cat Custard was hugely popular with young girls. In fact you might have even owned some of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls yourself.

Strawberry Shortcake who lived in the magical land of Strawberryland also had several friends all of which had hair scented to match their desert theme. And although Strawberry Shortcake has never been quite as popular as in the 1980's she has had a moderate amount of popularity in recent years.  Probably due in part to the fact that many of the moms were in fact Strawberry Shortcake fans themselves. And you have to admit that the Strawberry Shortcake theme is absolutely adorable.

strawberry shortcake party
strawberry shortcake party

Strawberry Shortcake Cake Topper

It's easier than you might think to make an awesome Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake because pretty much all that you need is a cake and the topper.

It's as easy as that, just carefully apply the topper to a frosted cake that you've ever purchased or baked yourself. And the end result will be a gorgeous cake that nobody will believe that you actually made yourself.

Strawberry Shortcake Birthday Theme

A Strawberry Shortcake theme is an adorable choice for a birthday party for a young girl or even for an older girl who always loved the cute little red-haired girl. As a young girl my sister was always a huge fan of Strawberry Shortcake, so for her birthday last year my brother-in-law ordered a gorgeous Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake, because once a Strawberry Shortcake fan always a Strawberry Shortcake fan.

strawberry shortcake cake and party supplies
strawberry shortcake cake and party supplies

Strawberry Shortcake Party Supplies

You can find a large supply of Strawberry Shortcake party supplies online where you can find everything from the cake topper to the party invitations, balloons, plates, napkins, and cups as well as the Strawberry Shortcake decorations.

All of these items can be bought separately or as part of a party pack, but if you want to save money I would suggest buying the party pack which usually contains everything needed for an awesome Strawberry Shortcake party.  Otherwise  buying everything separately will cost you a little more money.


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