Super Mario Bros. Birthday Cakes And Party Supplies

Super Mario Bros. is a popular birthday theme is suitable for almost everyone, adults as well as children who are fans of the popular video games. So if you do have a fan of the plumber and his brother Luigi in your household you might think about giving them a Mario party for their birthday this year.

Most everyone is familiar with the Super Mario franchise but It's hard to believe that it has actually been around since 1983, in fact the first Mario game which was an arcade game called Mario Bros first made its debut in 1983.

It's also pretty likely that you may have even owned and played some of these games yourself as a child. Many of us still own some of these old childhood games and have in turn passed them on to our children who have developed their own love of Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach and all of their friends from the Super Mario World.

super mario bros birthday cakes and party supplies
super mario bros birthday cakes and party supplies

Super Mario Bros Cake Toppers

It's easy to make an awesome looking cake using an edible Super Mario Bros. cake topper. All that's needed to make a gorgeous Super Mario cake is the cake and an edible cake topper that you will apply to the cake after it's frosted. These toppers are incredibly easy to work with but for best results your cake does need to be freshly frosted.

Be sure to check out all the cool cake toppers that you will find for sale on eBay. Out of all the places that I looked for Super Mario cake toppers eBay by far has the best prices and selection that you will find anywhere else. Just below you will find just a few of the many edible cake toppers available.

Super Mario Bros Party Supplies

Next you're going to want to pick the rest of your party supplies like the Mario pinata, the party invitations, the balloons and the plates, napkins and cups. For some reason some of these items are a little hard to find in stores, which is more than a little surprising considering just how popular this long lasting franchise has been, but luckily they can still be found on eBay and Amazon.


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