Sexy Super Hero Costumes for Women

This Halloween the super hero theme will be popular. And why shouldn't it. This years summer blockbusters will have a lasting impression upon us! Ladies do not fret! We can take part of the super hero frenzy as well. There are many sexy super hero costumes out there for us to enjoy! From the classic costumes such as Supergirl and Wonder Woman to the ladies version of Captain America can be found here! Bring out the hero in you this Halloween season!

X-Men Movie Costume Sexy Womens Wolverine Costume Gold Blue Dress

When you think of X Men Wolverine definitely comes to mind.  This wolverine costume brings sexy back!  It includes the dress, a detachable belt buckle, eye mask, claws and boot toppers. The gold out fit looks like she might have taken a couple of scratches during battle.  Very cute costume.

Storm has always been one of my favorite XMen characters. This Storm out fit is a one piece dress with silver trim. Also included is a cape, head piece glovelettes and boot covers. It comes in medium and large sizes. Control the weather  and turn heads in this Storm X Men costume.

Womens Spiderman Costume Movie Costumes Sexy Spiderman Costume

Check out this odd but alluring Spiderman costume for women. It comes in sizes small medium and large. It includes a dress, glovettes, mask and boot toppers. The dress bottom and top are connected by a spider logo.  The dress has some webbing as part of the design.

The Jean Grey costume comes with a one piece dress , gold cape, gold sash, gold glovettes and boot toppers.  Red hair is optional and listed just below the dress! It comes in medium and large sizes.  Mental powers not included!

DC Justice League Wonder Woman TM Adult Comic Superhero Super Hero Costume Rubies Costume Co

Wonder Woman is a classic female super hero. Did you know she is coming back to the small screen?  Wonder woman will have a new sexy look.  Nevertheless she is easily recognizable with her red white and blue outfit. This Wonder Woman costume comes with her one piece dress, silver glovettes, a gold emblem and a gold belt. White stripes are included on the boot toppers. Not included lasso of truth and invisible airplane!

DC Comics Deluxe Batgirl Adult Costume

Batgirl is ever so sexy in her one piece mini dress. She has a black outfit with a yellow bat on her chest.  Also included with this super hero costume is a yellow utility belt and a detachable cape. Black gauntlets, boot toppers and mask are included. This super hero costume is available in sizes 2 to 12. This costume received high marks from customers.  Customers commented on how well the costume fit.

Secret Wishes Supergirl Costume

This Super girl costume is super cute!  It has a one piece dress with detachable cape, belt and boot tops. The shiny lame is eye catching. Customers gave this costume  high reviews. they claim it was easy to move around in and hey were not worried about the length of the skirt.

Everyone will  want you as their side kick when you parade around in this hot little number! This one piece Robin costume for women is very eye catching.  It also comes with an eye mask, fingerless gloves and mask.  It comes in sizes xs to large.

Stand out in this red Flash costume.  Included is the one piece dress, red tights red gloves with signature flare and red boot toppers.  Also included is the red eye mask. Customers commented that the dress fit well.

Supreme Edition Sexy Adult Captain America Costume

This Sexy Adult Captain America Costume for women is sure to catch some attention this year.  This one piece outfit is in red white and blue lame.Also included is the eye mask, boot toppers and gloves.  Captian America shield is not included!

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