Swarovski Disney Mikey Mouse Figurines!

Mickey Mouse is the most famous Walt Disney character of all time. When you stop to think about it, could you name anybody who hasn't heard of Mickey Mouse before?... Probably not. Mickey Mouse has been in hundreds of cartoons and Walt Disney films, and is now used as a powerful marketing tool for Walt Disney throughout the world. Mickey Mouse in fact has actually become a brand of its own in recent years, and you can a very wide range of the most unthinkable things with Mickey on them. Therefore it is not really a surprise to see that Swarovski have created their very own figurine of Mickey Mouse that is loved by millions.


This magical figurine shows Mickey as a sorcerer wearing a magician like hat and gown. The figurine has a wonderful mixture of faceted and unfaceted crystal, which highlights Mickeys best known features in superb way. The small size retails at around $150, so if you can find a price for anything less then you have yourself a good deal.

The "Mickey" Brand

Mickey Mouse really has become its own brand over recent years. Mickey Mouse has his very own music, video games, movies, books, toys, home decoration, collectibles, adult, children and baby clothing ranges. Therefore you can clearly say that Mickey himself and the image of Mickey is a huge logo of its very own, which can also generate a price tag of its own just because it's Mickey!! However when it comes to Swarovski you can be 100% positive that you are not paying more because its Mickey - you are paying for the magic that has been worked with the crystal, which is a very fine investment. There are also other Disney Characters available including Bambi, Snow White, Lion King and more and you will see that they are all reasonably priced and absolutely stunning individual pieces.

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