Tartan Day - A Day to Celebrate All Things Scottish and Awesome Scots

Scottish Bagpipes

Scottish Bagpipes Chanter Kilts
Scottish Bagpipes Chanter Kilts

Tartan Day Celebrations

From its origins in Canada, Tartan Day has grown to become a worldwide celebration of Scottish national identity, history and people.

Castles of Scotland

Castles Scottish Pride
Castles Scottish Pride

Tartan Day is a celebration of Scottish heritage. It’s a celebration of Scotland, its people, heritage, history, culture and its legacy to the world. Tartan Day celebrations typically include parades of pipe bands, Highland dancing and other Scottish-themed events.

Tartan Day is celebrated on April 6th, commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Arbroath in 1320, which asserted Scotland’s sovereignty and independence from England. This document served as the model for the United States of America’s Declaration of Independence.

A timeline of events leading up to Tartan Day:

  • In 1982, New York State Governor Hugh Carey, and New York City Mayor Ed Koch declared July 1, 1982, as Tartan Day. It was originally a one time celebration commemorating the 200th anniversary of the repeal of the Act of Proscription, the law forbidding Scots to wear tartan.
  • On March 9, 1986, a “Tartan Day” to promote Scottish heritage in Canada, was proposed by the Federation of Scottish Clans in Nova Scotia. The provincial legislatures were petitioned to recognize April 6 as Tartan Day. Today all provinces recognize April 6th as Tartan Day, however, the day is not recognized by the federal government in Canada.
  • In 1997 the United States Senate passed a resolution recognizing the influential role that Americans of Scottish descent have played in the development of the United States of America. This was a single year resolution.
  • On March 20, 1998 the Senate passed another resolution (Resolution 155) recognizing April 6th as National Tartan Day on a permanent basis. On March 9, 2005 the United States House of Representatives passed a companion resolution (Resolution 41) with the same wording as the Senate resolution.
  • On April 4. 2008 President George W. Bush issued a Presidential proclamation declaring April 6, 2008 as National Tartan Day.

Scottish Tartan Kilts

Tartans - Kilts
Tartans - Kilts

Scottish Americans

Americans of Scottish descent have played a vibrant and influential role in the development of the United States. From the framers of the Declaration of Independence to the first man on the moon, Scottish-Americans have contributed greatly to the fields of the arts, science, politics, law, and more. Today, over eleven million Americans claim Scottish and Scotch-Irish roots, making them the eighth largest ethnic group in the United States. These are the people and the accomplishments that are honored on National Tartan Day.

Everything Scottish

Tartan Day Food

Scottish recipes

Scotland is famous for its culinary delights and has produced a number of world-class chefs. Have some Tartan Day fun in the kitchen with the following Scottish recipe.

Tartan Day Recipes

Salad of Hot Smoked Salmon, Mozerrella, Pear and Balsamic Glaze

For 4 people

  • 2 pieces of hot smoked salmon,
  • 2 balls of buffallo mozerrella,
  • 2 conference pears,
  • 1 bottle of balsamic glaze.
  • 1 bag of seasonal baby salad leaves.


  • Core the pear but leave the skin on.
  • Quarter lenghtways and slice into 1/2 cm sticks.
  • Tear the buffallo mozerrella into chunks.
  • Remove the skin underneath the salmon and disregard.
  • Break off chunks of Hot smoked salmon.
  • Prepare the salad leaves (wash).

Take a handful of salad leaves and place gently onto plate, scatter chunks of salmon and mozzerella over the top and arrange roughly 3 pear slices in the middle. To finish drizzle the balsamic glaze in a zig/zag pattern over the top. Yum!

Beautiful Scotland


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Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

vocalcoach, I absolutely adored Scotland, if you haven't had a chance, you should try and visit.

vocalcoach profile image

vocalcoach 6 years ago from Nashville Tn.

My ancestors would love you for this hub. Wonderful! And the photo absolutely took my breath away. Thank you so much. Rated up and beautiful!

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

Hi Shinkicker, thanks for reading and commenting!

Shinkicker profile image

Shinkicker 6 years ago from Scotland

Hi Lamme

Coming from Scotland I'll always support National Tartan Day.

AND this week Billy Connolly received the official Freedom of Glasgow :-)

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

Hi epigramman ... thanks so much for stopping by! I'll be back over to follow more of your hubs.

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

...so nice to meet up with you my friend and thanks for dropping by and making my day. My mum and dad were both born in the city of Mel Gibson - lol lol - where they keep the Wallace Monument - Stirling. I was born here in Canada ... and I love that kilt on that wee lassie up above -as much as I love your hubs ....

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

Sy, haggis are probably available in specialty stores ... don't really know, I haven't gone looking, yet. :) It's amazing what we have on this side of the pond! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

hospitalera profile image

hospitalera 6 years ago

Wow, I never imagined that you have a "Tartan Day" there over the big pond ;-) Do you eat also Haggis? SY

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

Tartan Day is a fascinating holiday that many people aren't aware of. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Guest 6 years ago

Very interesting article. I had never heard of Tartan Day.

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

What a fascinating trip that must have been! It's been a long time since I've been in Scotland, but I agree it's so beautiful. Thanks for reading and commenting.

elayne001 profile image

elayne001 6 years ago from Rocky Mountains

I was in Scotland last summer and totally loved it. So beautiful and interesting people. My ancestors are from Scotland so we took my Father to visit where his grandfather was born. Thanks for an interesting hub.

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

Thanks Judit, I think Scottish culture is fascinating.

Judit Paton 6 years ago

Great hub, and this hub helps to love Scottish culture.

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

That's what I always say about the Italian culture ;) Love the food, people, history, everything! Scottish is pretty cool too.

magnoliazz profile image

magnoliazz 6 years ago from Wisconsin

I love the Scottish culture. I'm sure I had a past life there.

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

Thanks hypnodude, I appreciate your comment.

hypnodude profile image

hypnodude 6 years ago from Italy

Very good hub, and great pictures. Rated up.

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

Thanks RedElf! If you try the recipe, please come back and let my know if you enjoyed it.

RedElf profile image

RedElf 6 years ago from Canada

Love the recipe, and the lovely pictures!

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

drbj, I agree, Scotland is such a beautiful country. Thanks for your comment.

Lamme profile image

Lamme 6 years ago Author

Michael, thanks for stopping by. Yes, Scottish food can be delicious!

drbj profile image

drbj 6 years ago from south Florida

Hi, Lamme, After visiting Scotland for the first time last year, I am enamored of all things Scottish and that beautiful photo of a Scotland landscape brought it all back for me. Thank you.

Michael Shane profile image

Michael Shane 6 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

Sounds like an awesome day & especially the recipe! Great hub!

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