Thanksgiving Desserts

Pumpkin Pie


Thanksgiving Desserts

So I wanted to finish off my series on Thanksgiving recipes with a hub on several deserts you can served. I have included the recipes which are from a website as i can't give away all my family secret recipes this season. And I have included videos for you to follow. The videos very from the recipes but give you a good general idea of how to proceed if you have never cooked a pie before.

I have left the traditional pecan pie out as well but instead opted for a chocolate pie. I thought variety for your table this holiday season might be preferred.

I can say the more pie the better because everyone seems to want something different for dessert each Thanksgiving and it is the one Holiday of the year which people founder themselves.

The Traditional Thanksgiving Pie

I would have to say Pumpkin Pie is the traditional Thanksgiving Pie. Everyone loves this pie and it is really simple to make especially since you get the pumpkin out of a can. Now there maybe a cultural difference between Canada and North America as to which pie is traditional and I will include a poll for everyone to vote their favorite pie in.

Instructional Video on Making a Pumpkin Pie

Classic American Pie

I would have to say this is the Apple Pie which is very much like the German Apple Strudel. As Germans we prefer Strudel but I readily admit that is outside the normative behavior for Americans so I have included an Apple Pie Recipe and then and instructional video as well.

But if you are daring and adventurous then I suggest you try Apple Strudel for a change. I have that recipe on my Hub pages as well.

Apple Pie Instructional Video

The Non-Traditional Thanksgiving Pie

Let's face it we will all need chocolate this Thanksgiving when we face the fact we will have no Christmas. So I suggest the non-traditional chocolate pie. Not only will it increase your serotonin levels but it is also a stimulant to help you get up and walk off that heavy Thanksgiving meal or at least stay a wake through the football games.

Instructional Video for Making Chocolate Pie

In Conclusion

I have warned you that the pie recipes and the instructional videos differ. Follow one or the other but not both as you will get confused. And the purpose of this hub was to make you Thanksgiving desserts exceptional, easy and simplistic.

This concludes my series on Thanksgiving and I hope you have a very well prepared Happy one.

Thanksgiving Dessert

Which Pie Do You Prefer For Thanksgiving?

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Comments 4 comments

jfay2011 profile image

jfay2011 5 years ago

those all look like really good pies. I love all those flavors. The chocolate one looks very tempting, and I might find myself making that one sometime. yum

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hi jfay2011,

Yes I love the chocolate pie as well especially for Thanksgiving. I never eat dessert unless it is a holiday.

I am glad I could write something of use.

Thank you for reading, commenting and providing feedback.


jfay2011 profile image

jfay2011 5 years ago

how about a good recipe for cheesecake or other cool desserts

JT Walters profile image

JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida Author

Hi jfay2011,

That's a great idea. Perhpas it will be my next recipe.


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