Thanksgiving in USA and CANADA

First Thanksgiving
First Thanksgiving | Source

How it was celebrated?

Been wondering why thanksgiving is declared holiday, so Google it and no. 1 in SERP (Search Engine Result Page) Wiki - Thanksgiving. So according to wiki it is a "harvest feast celebration" primarily in USA and Canada traditionally it is for the bountiful harvest (on whatever crops are they referring to). Sometimes they call it as the Turkey Day! So it was "tradition" ok got it.

Just a quick important dates to remember these are the schedules.
For now it is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November for the Americans, and for the Canadians it is on the second Monday of October. Wait we miss something these two countries are the well known to celebrate it but there are others to like Netherlands, Liberia, Grenada and some others that might get it in the Famous Country to celebrate it. =)


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