The Best Baby Shower Gift Ideas Any Expectant Mom Would Appreciate

Being at a loss for baby shower gift ideas that make the right impression is only natural, especially when it is crunch time and last minute shopping is in order. Since most guests will supply the fundamental items, such as diapers and skincare products, you might want to opt for something a little more special and unique. With such a broad range of baby paraphernalia available, it can be a difficult decision. 

Inviting people to the shower

If you are trying to come up with a design for baby shower invitation templates, then don’t forget that you have the whole inspiration of both online and offline. You can browse online cardshops without having to actually buy, or go into a real world card shop and see what images are used there. The advantage of getting ideas in a card shop is that they are really the best of the best. You often find that photos are used of babies – quite often in close-up of hands and feet.

Baby shower gift ideas for boys generally include items in “boy” colors, such as blue and brown. These colors are a great guide when selecting clothing and blankets. However, it is a good idea to choose bright colors for toys. Baby shower gift ideas for girls should follow along the same guidelines as boys, except for the color. In this case purchase clothes and other items in pretty, feminine shades such as pink. Bright toys, blocks, plush animals and mobiles are some excellent choices for both genders. Also, consider purchasing these items with musical features, so baby receives both visual and auditory stimulation. You could also think about buying something that they will grow into, maybe in 6 months’ time.

Knowing if it's a boy or girl makes gift ideas so much easier!

Inviting people? Get creative with your words

When it comes to writing down baby shower invitation wording, don’t forget that the wording should reflect the joy that you have experienced at having a baby. Try to really put into words what you are experiencing, and use that as a verse in the card. You could also print it up on good quality archive paper, and have it framed for the baby’s nursery.

Knowing the gender of the baby makes the choice a much easier one, but do not worry if you are unsure, as there are plenty of items in neutral colors. If you want to add a special and memorable element, think about having the item personalized with the last name of the family. A keepsake box, scrapbook, or baby diary also make meaningful gifts. How about a new digital camera?

Deciding to purchase a gift for the expectant mom is not only thoughtful, but many women appreciate the gesture. Baby shower gift ideas for mom need a little extra thought since you need to consider her likes and dislikes. This type of gift could be specifically for her, such as a book on parenting, or one that incorporates a gift for the baby. For instance, if the expectant mother enjoys running and wants to get back into shape once the baby is born consider a jogging stroller. 

Eating at the shower

Coming up with the right baby shower food depends very much on whether it is you or the new mum who is doing the planning. Why? Well it’s really all in the food choices and what is healthy and what is not. New mums, and mums to be, after to be careful with what they eat for the sake of the baby. So if you aren’t sure what to choose, and aren’t the pregnant mum, then come up with some careful informed choices, and then consult with the mum to see what they think.

Invitation design

When you write up your printable baby shower invitations don’t just think about the design, but also think about the content. More precisely, what are you going to do at the party. Not everyone likes to play games, and if you have planned on doing so and then go and spring it on your guests, only some of them will be happy. Whilst it won’t completely solve the discomfort that some folks will face by being asked to do something potentially embarrassing, being forewarned is, in many cases, forearmed. And certainly people will feel more relaxed if they know what to expect.

Choose a caring gift

Another great idea requires you to create a hospital bag. A gorgeous and fashionable tote filled with goodies to make her feel great post labor is a brilliant and valued gift. A nail care kit, cozy pyjamas, slippers, a novel, a hairbrush, lotion, deodorant, a face cloth, and soap are a few things to consider. Think about throwing in a disposable camera for those precious first photos of the newborn baby. The new mother will feel treasured and relaxed, which only contributes positively to the beautiful experience. 

Hosting a Baby Shower Party

Hosting the baby shower adds pressure to the mix, especially when guests start asking you for ideas. In this situation, it is best to make a list beforehand. However, try to get guests to commit to an item so you do not have the concern of everyone arriving with the same present. Baby shower gift ideas for guests can include clothes, toys, diapers, baby bedding, bibs, pacifiers, bottles, bath items, swaddling blankets, and general baby products. Do not be shy to mention expensive gifts, such as car seats, as some guests might opt to form a group and chip in for the present.

Playing it safe

If you prefer to be on the cautious side when you cannot make up your mind, consider the alternative of a gift certificate for a baby store. This option allows the mother-to-be the opportunity to purchase items she requires a larger supply of or she has not yet bought. Also feel free to mention this nifty idea to guests who need help coming up with ideas.

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Journey * profile image

Journey * 4 years ago from USA

Hi AndrewGee, I like the ideas you offer here. It takes a generous and caring friend to plan and host the baby shower. As a mom, I know that having a baby shower hosted for me seemed like a gift in itself.

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